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Whale Shark Visits Lankayan Island

3rd May 2007

The newly refurbished resort in the island paradise of Lakayan entertained a most welcome visitor yesterday when a beautiful whale shark swung by to say hello.

Whale sharks are common at this time of year and this one was enjoying its time at South Rock which is about 3 minutes boat ride from Lankayan Jetty.

As the island resident marine biologist predicted upon sighting it yesterday, they anticipate that the whale shark will most likely pass the same site today. True enough; a second sighting of whale shark was recorded today (3rd May 2007) at approximately 12.15 noon at the same site (South Rock); again witnessed by guest divers and snorkellers who wasted not time rushing to the site upon being alerted.

Whale shark The biggest fish in the sea

More Information on the charming Lankayan resort and the gorgeous diving around the island.

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