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Alor Komodo Volcanic Eruption

17th July 2008

The crew from Karura Dive Voyages, onboard the liveaboard Cheng Ho, recently treated their guests to a once-in-a-lifetime wake-up call.

In between Alor and Komodo the Cheng Ho had dropped anchor in the vicinity of an active volcano. The next morning guests literally started the day with a bang with a spectacular volcanic eruption.

After the initial eruption, it kept on going at regular 20 minute intervals that lasted the entire day and throughout the night. Guests zoomed in on the action with the Cheng Ho’s tender boats and the erupting volcano was captured on film.

The Cheng Ho plies the waters of Indonesia’s sought after dive destinations, including Komodo National Park, the Banda Sea and Raja Ampat / Irian Jaya.

Other than dormant, active and erupting volcanoes in the midst of virtually untouched nature, these Indonesia dive sites are also famous for unparalleled marine diversity and legendary dives.

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