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Phuket’s Swineflu cases down by half

14th August 2009

Newly reported cases of H1N1 has dropped by more than 50% in Thailand‘s resort town of Phuket, and the official death toll is still only 2, reported the Phuket Gazette recently.

In an effort to ensure the island of Phuket becomes flu free, the government has also directed certain medical clinics to distribute Tamiflu to those diagnosed as having H1N1, free of charge.

Preference was to be given to high risk groups, which include pregnant women and those suffering from other medical conditions.  Doctors advised though to refrain from taking the drug unless there is a real need, as the drug can diminish the immune system.

Avoiding crowded spaces is 1 way to ensure a reduced risk of contracting the virus. Thailand’s diving liveaboard safaris, which will take you far away from the general population and deliver you in the lap of the marine environment is, therefore, highly recommended.

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