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Green Energy in the pipeline for Phuket

In another small foot-up for Thailand’s environment, Phuket’s Provincial Energy Office has announced plans to build wind turbines to compliment Phuket’s energy needs. This was announced at an alternative energy seminar held in Phuket last week, reports the Phuket Gazette.

The wind turbines were but 1 solution discussed at the seminar. Waste-to-energy production was another 1 cited, and would serve the dual purpose of also helping to alleviate the waste disposal crisis Phuket is facing.

The proposed site of the wind turbines is Nakkerd Hills, home to the Mingmongkol Buddha being completed there now. In total 9 turbines have been earmarked for the project, 2 of which would be near the Buddha imagine, whilst the remaining 7 would be dotted around Radar Hill.

The area was chosen for it’s sustained winds and relatively easy access provided by already established roads. A year long study of the wind conditions will commence soon, starting with the erection of a 30m high wind measuring tower.

Sustainable, clean energy will be an environmental boon to Phuket, which accommodates throngs of tourists every year who flock there for the exquisite beaches and for diving renowned dive sites of the Similans and Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.

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  1. William Moore says:

    we must shift into the use of Green Energy to prevent further pollution of this planet

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