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Airport Security Perks Up For Red Sea Divers

Are you worried about the safety of travelling to the Red Sea? We consider it no more dangerous than any other diving destination and the situation is likely to improve following the Middle East Airport Security Summit scheduled to take place in Dubai 7-10 Feb 10.

More than 15 airport security experts will discuss key issues such as improving co-operation between law enforcement and airports, and reducing the spread of swine flu.

Ronald Augustin, Conference Chairman, hopes the result will be “…more intelligent systems to prevent security from hindering aviation growth. At the moment, security is killing us softly.”

This could be you lazing in the Red Sea in the VIP One dive boat's upper deck hammockYou could escape the security threats by taking a liveaboard holiday – the best way for you to explore the large variety of diving available.

The Red Sea is flourishing with a diversity of marine life from bumphead parrotfish munching on coral reefs to the awe-inspiring sight of whale sharks.

To keep the tourist trade alive and well Egyptian airports are monitored by highly visible armed troops and the Sinai Peninsula is protected by vigilant counter-terrorist operations.

Let’s hope the experts find a way to improve airport safety that adds to your enjoyable diving experience.

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