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Dive Koh Samui & Act on Climate Day 24 Oct 09

Thailand diving season is just around the corner.  Anyone who has dived the ocean surrounding Koh Samui Island will appreciate the biodiversity in Thai waters and value the continued health of their oceans, coral reefs and marine life.  So, here’s an interesting idea: begin your diving holiday by taking part in the International Day of Climate Action on 24 Oct 09.

One option would be to help plant 350 mangrove trees in Samut Prakan to reduce carbon dioxide.

Help ensure the continued bio-diversity of Thailand's oceansThe roots of mangrove trees provide valuable breeding grounds for sea creature juveniles. What better way to ensure that you will continue to see biodiversity in the oceans on your next dive, than to safeguard their nurseries.

Follow this wonderful start to your holiday with a diving day trip package to Koh Samui Island and find a resort that fit your needs.  Get to the island from Bangkok via a comfortable Bangkok Air flight, or take a night train.

For other International Climate Day actions near your Thailand scuba diving holiday destination visit www.350.org

To make plans to dive Koh Samui contact Dive The World send us an email or call us on +66 (0)83 505 7794.

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