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Dive The World Supports Sharklife

We at Dive The World are passionate about sharing the marvels of the many fascinating sea animals and eco-systems we encounter while diving.

Grey reef sharks in a frenzy when diving on the Great Barrier Reef - photo courtesy of Mike BallA characteristic many scuba divers have in common, is the desire to do more and go the extra mile to safeguard and protect our oceans for many dives to come … and by booking with Dive The World you are doing just that.

When you book your next scuba diving holiday with us you can be sure that you are helping in a little way since we support a number of charitable organizations,  1 of our most recent associations being with the Sharklife Conservation Group.

Dive The World supports Sharklife Conservation Group. Visit them at www.sharklife.co.zaSo whether you like to admire the magnificence of sharks from the safety of a liveaboard, or prefer to get up close and personal; whether your favourite shark is the leopard, bull, hammerhead or whale shark – Dive The World can advise you on the best place to dive with sharks.

Support Sharklife and experience the thrill for yourself of being in the same stretch of ocean as this awe-inspiring predator at the apex of the food chain.

Would you like to dive with sharks? Contact Dive The World to find out more send us an email or call us on +66 (0)83 505 7794.

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