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European Shark Week 10-18 Oct 09

8th October 2009

Have you ever come across a shark while diving? Then you will know first-hand the awe these majestic creatures inspire and feel as passionately as we do about ensuring you meet them on many future dives.

Whitetail, the bull shark - photo coutesy of Beqa Adventures

Take action during the European Shark Week from 10-18 October. Join Project AWARE Foundation and Shark Alliance Partners in calling for support of the European Union (EU) Shark Plan approved in Feb 09, pushing for a stronger ban on shark finning, zero-fishing of vulnerable species and stricter fishing quotas.

Perhaps you may think that the glorious Red Sea diving destinations are the only place in the region where sharks appear, but they exist all around Europe and are threatened by some of the most powerful shark fishing fleets in the world. The practice of removing the shark’s fin and dropping its mutilated body into the ocean to die, does not only happen in Japan. The success of the EU Shark Plan will position Europe perfectly to impact global policy on shark finning and fishing.

Dive with whale sharks in the Red Sea

Your opinion does matter. In fact the EU Fisheries Ministers’ desire to focus on shark conservation, has a lot to do with the more than 100,000 signatures received during the European Shark Week in 2008.

You can do something positive for shark preservation right now by signing the petition…

From Project AWARE: 10 things you can do to protect the sharks

  1. Support international shark fisheries’ management and conservation efforts.
  2. Contact your local government representative. Demand that shark management and conservation efforts become a priority.
  3. Support organizations, like Project AWARE, which are engaged in ocean conservation efforts.
  4. Educate recreational fishers who target sharks.
  5. Learn about marine life, its problems and solutions.
  6. Make informed decisions when purchasing products that may contain shark substances, as many shark species are overfished.
  7. Support educational television programs and films about sharks.
  8. Write travel operators and urge them to introduce shark conservation issues into fishing trips to highlight the need for controls on shark fishing.
  9. Pass on your underwater experiences with sharks as a scuba diver.
  10. Tell your friends. Spread the word about shark conservation efforts and how humans need to come together to help preserve this precious resource.”

Source: Project AWARE Foundation

Would you like to dive with sharks aboard a Red Sea liveaboard? Contact Dive The World to find out more send us an email or call us on +66 (0)83 505 7794.

Dive The World supports Sharklife Conservation Group. Visit them at www.sharklife.co.za

Dive The World cares about the continued survival of our oceans and marine life. We are proud to support Sharklife.

When you book your scuba diving holiday with us, you help us contribute to the Sharklife Conservation Group.

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