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Aussie In The Mood For Coral Spawning

6th November 2009

Divers in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef are in for a treat this evening: the annual mass coral spawning very possibly begins tonight.

Soft coral scene - photo courtesy of Mike GreenfelderEvocatively described by marine researchers as “the world’s biggest orgasm” or “sex on the reef” it is a sight not to be missed.

“I’ve been out there when it’s been spawning and it’s just been absolutely awe-inspiring,” says Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators ED Col McKenzie.

As with all rendezvous of this nature, the evening has to be perfect: water temperature of 27º, peaceful wave action,  a few days after the first full moon in November … and all the coral in the reef release their sperm and eggs in one simultaneous symphony of colour.

Divers are guaranteed lots of night dive action on Flynn Reef this weekend. The overwhelming profusion of fertilised eggs ensures that many will survive the onslaught of bumphead parrotfish and other predators that race to gobble them up.

Source: Cairnspost.com.au

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