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John Gray’s Sea Canoe – The Best Trips in Phuket

14th December 2009

John Gray is quite a character and has been an environmental activist since he was just a young boy.  Now his Sea Canoe business is a perfect example of how eco-tourism can contribute to the bottom line too. In 2008 John Gray’s Sea Canoe won the SKAL Club International Ecotourism Award for Transportation. His TripAdvisor reviews record 35 rave comments with numerous people naming them as the ‘highlight’ of their trip. Travel forums in Phuket have rated them as the ‘best ever‘ in terms of professionalism, food, guides, international standards and service.

Ling Yai, the man behind John Gray's Sea CanoesWe at Dive The World agree whole-heartedly. John Gray’s Sea Canoe offers the best trips in Phuket and make a really cool non-diving activity for in-between your Thailand liveaboard or Phuket day trip diving holiday. If you are already in Phuket, simply pop into our Dive Centre to book your next sea kayaking adventure.

John the “Caveman” Gray is also known as Ling Yai to staff and friends alike, which means ‘Big Monkey’. His Sea Canoe trips explore some of the most pristine sites in the Indo-Pacific.  When first witnessing the effects of global warming in Fiji’s Gilan’gila Bay, he said “It felt like driving past a car wreck and realizing the carnage was my family. I was devastated – and I still am.”

Ling Yai’s long-held belief is that caring for the environment makes financial sense. He subscribes to the Triple Bottom Line business management practice, saying “We must balance profits, social responsibility and environmental responsibility – or look for another home.”

Based in Phuket his passion for saving Phuket from the long-term effects of short-sighted over-development goes hand-in-hand with fun-filled kayaking experiences.

Calling eco-tourists: Phang Nga Bay Clean-Up – 30 Dec 09
Join John Gray’s Sea Canoe and students of Travel and Environmental Sciences from Prince of Songkla to help clean up Phang Nga Bay. Everyone is welcome to come along and make this day a success.
A donation of US$ 30 (THB 1,000) per person is requested to cover the cost of transfers, food, guides, boat and kayak rentals.

So do you want to book a John Gray Sea Canoe adventure for in-between your next Thailand liveaboard or day trip diving holiday in Phuket? Contact Dive The World for more information send us an email or call us on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794. If you are already in Phuket, simply pop in and visit our Dive Centre or call the centre on +66 (0)76 512 473.

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  1. Ling Yai says:

    Who is that guy you are talking about? Certainly can’t be me, although the photo reminds me of one of my ugly relatives.

    Ling Yai AKA John “Caveman” Gray

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