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Divers, Take Your Surfing Mates to Matava

3rd January 2010

You know how you just love to dive but your really good mates only want to surf? Or perhaps it’s the other way round and you have diving buddies who just can’t balance on a board? Well at Matava Resort on Kadavu you can do both. You will need to be experienced surfers as the surfing is rugged and wild, but you will most likely have the breaks to yourselves.

Surfing the reef breaks at Matava Resort in Kadavu, FijiMatava Resort is protected from the South Easterly swell behind The Great Astrolabe Reef. It is the passageways through this reef that offer you such awesome reef break surfing. Simply hop on their 3 hour boat surf trips, timed to coincide with the best surfing conditions each day. Best to come to Fiji during Dec – April when you are guaranteed some excellent waves.

In fact the surfing is so good that Kiwi pro surfer, Ian “Tommo” Thompson, retired here and often acts as Matava Resort’s pro guide. While you dive Kadavu’s pinnacles with manta rays, your mate could find himself surfing a steep right-hander break at Naigoro Passage with Tommo.

Are you keen to plan a holiday for your diving buddies and surfing mates? Contact Dive The World to find out more about the Matava Resort in Fiji on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794 or you could send us an email.

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