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Celebrity Scuba Divers, Mandarinfish & Mike Ball

Does the idea of diving with celebrities excite you? How about meeting up with Paris Hilton or Edward Norton on the reef ? Our latest newsletter takes marine life sightings to a whole new level with a celebrity scuba diver watch. Want to hear the inside scoop from Mike Ball? The owner of the top Australian liveaboard, Spoilsport, shares his story with us, including a real life sea rescue!

So you’ve seen the Oscars and the Grammy’s, now you can find out more about the winners who really count in our Dive The World Annual Awards. Join us underwater to be mesmerised by the beauty of mandarinfish, then cruise into the Red Sea in our Blue Planet trip report to see if the wreck diving really is as spectacular as they say.

Whew! Need to cool down after all that? Dive into a virtual tour of the top Thai liveaboards and dive sites in our fantastic new Thailand video gallery. Then have a look at your new liveaboard choices in the Maldives, Komodo and the Red Sea.

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