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Island Safari 2 Spots Big 3 in Maldives

15th April 2010

We all rave about diving in the Maldives, but if you want to hear why it features so prominently in many divers’ logbooks read Sheldon Hey’s new trip report on Island Safari 2. He had a whale of a time, literally! Spotting all of the big 3 in 1 week was definitely the highlight of his trip. So, read on to find out whether the boat and itinerary would be your idea of a great Maldives diving holiday.

Read the day by day account to hear how diving Ari Atoll seems to ensure big fish sightings. On day 2, Sheldon tells of his experiences with whale sharks, day 4 yielded up to 10 manta rays at a cleaning station and day 5 they dived with over 10 hammerhead sharks.

This no-holds review will better prepare you for the reality of a liveaboard holiday on Island Safari 2. Find out more about the meals, the staff, the diving procedures and facilities as well as the overall experience.

Read the full trip report here:

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