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Movie Stars, Mike Ball and Thai Videos

Do you eat, sleep and dream diving? Then dive into Dive The World’s bumper March newsletter to fill in those non-diving hours. Read the exclusive interview with Mike Ball to hear about the ups and downs of being a liveaboard operator in Australia.  If you’re a movie buff, get out the popcorn and read our celebrity scuba diver watch to find out which movie stars you could be diving with next time you’re in your element. Then find out the winning liveaboard and resort operators in Dive The World’s Annual Awards.

Mike Ball owner of Spoilsport liveaboard gives Dive The World an exclusive interviewDo you find that planning your diving holidays is almost as much fun as going on them? Then you’ll enjoy our new Thailand video gallery. Take a virtual tour of the liveaboards we offer as well as the best Thai dive sites, to better plan your next scuba vacation. Or explore the Red Sea wrecks in Sheldon’s trip report to find out if they live up to the hype. Then have a look at new liveaboard options in the Maldives, Red Sea and Komodo.

Ever seen Mandarinfish mating in the twilight? Read our creature feature to find out more about these exotic creatures and where you can spot them.

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