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From Sharklife: Does Shark Cartilage Work?

31st August 2010

Do you want to stop the decline of sharks in our oceans so that you can look forward to many years of diving with sharks? Sharklife is turning the spotlight on shark cartilage products.

Have you heard that shark cartilage can benefit people suffering from cancer and arthritis? Think again.

As John Coffey of John Hopkins University says, “I don’t think there is any benefit to buying shark cartilage and eating it any more than I think that eating rabbit will make me run faster

Sharklife presents the following 3 reasons not to use shark cartilage:

  1. The human body is unable to digest it due to its molecular structure.
  2. There are other far superior products available
  3. The declining shark population worldwide make it untenable to put unnecessary pressure on the species.

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