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HEPCA Campaigns to Free Dolphins in Egypt

Have you ever dived with dolphins in the Red Sea? Can you even imagine them confined in a swimming pool smaller than 9m x 9m x 4m, with visibility less than 20cm! On 3 October 2010, Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) arranged a ‘Dolphin Awareness Day’ to help free 4 dolphins being kept in these horrendous conditions.

If you would prefer to see dolphins at pristine Red Sea dive sites, than in capitivity, then have a look at this HEPCA video detailing the plight of these dolphins:

Video subsequently removed.

4 dolphins from Japan were recently being kept in an inadequate enclosure while awaiting completion of a new dolphinarium. HEPCA and Ric O’Barry took steps to have the dolphins moved to the new partially completed dolphinarium.

HEPCA is vehemently against establishing the dolphinarium, stating there is no need to see dolphins in captivity when large pods of dolphins can routinely be seen swimming in the waters around Egypt.

They urge us not to support dolphin shows as this will result in more dolphins being caught and kept in captivity. If you agree with them please sign their petition:

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Video subsequently removed from Youtube.

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