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HEPCA’s Important Red Sea Mooring Work

21st April 2011

In their continued efforts for environmental conservation and protection, particularly of the Red Sea dive sites and reefs, Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) have been busy this month of April carrying out mooring maintenance.

As the Red Sea has grown in popularity as a diving destination, so has the number of private and commercial boats cruising the waters. Unfortunately physical damage caused by anchors is one of the biggest threats to the preservation of the coral reefs. Mooring buoy systems eliminate the need for anchoring and therefore help protect the reefs. HEPCA have been responsible for developing, installing and maintaining this system in the Red Sea.

Their mooring team performed maintenance and replacement work on 14 different moorings at 6 different reef locations. at Wadi El-Gemmal and Marsa Alam recently. They also carried out maintenance for 16 moorings and replaced 4 mooring lines of different types, at 9 locations in Al-Qusair.

HEPCA is an international NGO specialising in the field of marine conservation in the Red Sea as well as promoting sustainable tourism practices. Founded in 1992 by 12 divers the group has now grown into an international team of scientists and industry experts.

HEPCA urges all Red Sea visitors to report any missing or damaged moorings to them by sending an e-mail.

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