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Shark Sanctuary Declared For Raja Ampat

Diving with sharks has become an increasingly popular pastime and is a rewarding and exhilarating experience. And now you can dive with sharks in their very own protected sanctuary – one that you helped to create!

After an international campaign, Misool Eco Resort and Shark Savers announced recently that their proposed Shark Sanctuary has been declared for the entire 17,760 square miles of Raja Ampat, Indonesia.
The Raja Ampat sanctuary provides complete protection for sharks, manta rays, dugongs, mobulas and turtles. Also prohibited are the destructive practices of reef bombing and the aquarium fish trade.

The Shark Sanctuary is the first of its kind in Indonesia and is a great triumph for marine conservation. It comes as a direct result of a campaign mounted by Shark Savers, an International shark conservation organisation, in partnership with Misool Eco Resort. The campaign’s successful outcome was largely due to the support of you, our fellow divers who signed the petition. Altogether over 8,500 divers and conservationists showed their support along with hundreds of tourism and diving companies.

“This new Shark Sanctuary owes its creation to thousands of ocean advocates who expressed the urgent need to protect sharks, mantas, and other marine life,” stated Michael Skoletsky, Executive Director of Shark Savers. “Divers experience the oceans from the inside and are increasingly taking responsibility for ocean and shark conservation. Underwater ecotourism is a vital tool to counter the rampant exploitation of the world’s remaining sharks and bio-rich marine ecosystems.”

So thanks to your support you can now have the pleasure of diving at amazing sites like Fiabacet, an awe-inspiring experience, where the protection of the numbers and variety of marine life is now guaranteed.

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