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DiveCaching – The Great New Game For Divers!

2nd June 2011

Are you looking for something different to do on your next diving vacation? How about DiveCaching? This fun game is for certified divers and can be organized and played by anyone wanting to join in an underwater treasure hunt!

DiveCaching combines basic diving skills with underwater navigation and search techniques to find a hidden DiveCache. This is an container, or “cache” filled with “treasure”. The DiveCache can be hidden in almost any underwater environment, and the visibility, temperature and other diving conditions are part of the challenge of hiding and finding the cache.

This game is great for staying involved in local diving and for worldwide dive travel. There are many reasons why divers like DiveCaching; some divers love the adventure and thrill of discovery, others enjoy exploring a new dive site perhaps while on their diving vacation or returning to one that they have not visited in a while, still others enjoy practicing their diving and navigation skills.
Another huge draw is the fact that while making a search, divers are more likely to spot a marine creature that might otherwise be easily overlooked such as a seahorse.

The cache itself is usually a container holding a log book, something with which to write, and various items such as collectible coins, key rings, money or anything that might be of interest to the DiveCacher.

The game is simple and works like this:

  • A diver or divers hide a DiveCache underwater and out of sight of non-caching divers or swimmers. The surface coordinates and compass directions of the cache are recorded and posted online using a Global Position System (GPS) on the Geocaching website; the official global GPS cache hunt site.
  • Other divers search the Geocaching website for the DiveCache listings near their dive site and then dive to locate the cache.
  • When the DiveCache is found the winning diver(s) may look at the ‘treasure’, deposit an additional treasure, write in the log book and take a photograph of the container. Then the cache is put back where it was found.
  • After the dive, finders can log their visit on the Geocaching website in the visitor’s log and share their experience with other divers around the world.

There are caches to be found all over the world! You can opt to find an existing cache or hide one of your own. See here for more detials on how to get started with DiveCaching.

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