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Dive The World’s Latest Scuba Diving Videos

27th August 2011

Would you like to be able to see exactly what the diving will be like on your next dive vacation?

Then take a look at the latest additions to Dive The World’s scuba diving video gallery and see the exciting destinations that we have hand-picked just for you.

Take a few minutes to lose yourself in the stunning imagery of these video tours before you book your dive vacation. You will get a taste of the diving delights that you will find and making a decision about your next trip will be a breeze.

  • Dive in Raja Ampat with manta rays, walking shark, wobbegong and turtles. Irian Jaya diving at its best. Raja Ampat Scuba Diving Video
  • Come and dive Bunaken Nationl Park’s walls with us. Enjoy the healthy reefs, turtles, mandarinfish and cuttlefish. Scuba Diving in Bunaken, Sulawesi Video
  • Watch this video for scenes from the best dive sites in Komodo National Park. Experience the vibrancy of the reefs, manta rays, turtles, sharks and moray eels. Scuba Diving Video Komodo
  • Watch this underwater video for the Banda Islands dive sites with sea snakes, turtles and big schools of fish. Banda Islands Diving Video
  • Watch this diving in Bali video with underwater footage from Tulamben, Nusa Lemongan and Nusa Penida plus the famour Liberty wreck dive. Check out the Mola Mola, manta rays and healthy reefs of Bali. Bali Scuba Diving Video
  • Experience the best muck diving in the world in Lembeh Strait, Sulawesi – dive with frogfish, seahorses, mimic octopus, and countless more amazing critters. Scuba Diving in Lembeh Strait Video
  • Underwater video of Burma includes pristine healthy reefs surrounded by life including eagle rays, manta rays, sharks and morays. Also see clips of Burma’s great macro life: nudibranchs, seahorse and crustaceans. Diving in Burma Video
  • Experience the dive sites that surround Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Underwater video includes a school of hammerhead sharks, manta rays and diving with dolphins. Scuba Diving Cocos Video
  • Experience the dive sites of Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and dive with dolphins, sharks, hammerhead sharks, seals, sea lions and even iguanas! Galapagos Scuba Diving Video

Are you excited about your next dive vacation? Then contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email for more information.

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