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Tasik Ria Dive Resort Initiates Sulawesi Rubbish Collection

30th September 2011

The operators of the excellent Tasik Ria Dive Resort in Manado, Sulawesi readily admit that they cannot change the world but they do believe they can change their own back yard…

And that’s exactly what they are attempting to do! As a resort that cares about the environment, Tasik Ria Dive Resort decided to do something positive to influence the local attitude towards rubbish and recycling. So they have acquired oil drums, cut them in half, painted them in three colours with labels for the different kinds of rubbish and installed them around the local village of Mokupa.

The village’s residents make up the majority of Tasik Ria Dive Resort’s staff and the idea is to educate the whole community in proper rubbish disposal. The head of Mokupa village himself helped dig the holes for the first three bins to be permanently installed on the side of the Trans Sulawesi Highway.

So now you can enjoy the amazing diving in Bunaken Marine Park, knowing that you will see only fish and marine life on the beautiful reefs. It is the resort’s sincere hope that this initiative will make a big difference in the long term and that future generations will continue to be blown away by the stunning diving on the rubbish-free reefs.

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