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Unfortunate Ranger Suffers 2nd Komodo Dragon Incident!

27th February 2013

Attacks by Komodo Dragons on humans are an extremely rare event. These huge predators rarely trouble the rangers or tourists that alight on the Island from Komodo Liveaboards, so for this particular ranger an unprecedented second attack is indeed unfortunate. The ranger startled the 2-metre- long Komodo dragon after it had wandered into park offices and suffered serious leg injuries along with a colleague who tried to assist him. Both rangers were evacuated to a hospital on Bali to be monitored and are now recovering well.

Komodo Dragon - photo courtesy of Komodo National ParkFor a long time scientists assumed that the bite from the dragons harboured virulent bacteria that quickly infected and subdued its prey. In 2009 a MRI scan on the embalmed head of a dragon revealed well developed venom glands, casting doubt on the above theory. Only around 4,000 of these formidable reptiles remain on Komodo, Flores, Rinca and Padar. Tourist dollars and the dedication of the park rangers are pretty much the only things helping keep the dragons away from extinction. So by taking a tour from one of our Komodo Liveaboards, not only will you be one of the few to spend time with these magnificent predators but you will be helping preserve them for future generations.

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