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Australia Special Offers and Last Minute Deals

Do you want to dive one of the seven natural wonders of the world? Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a fantastic playground for divers and Dive The World has some great opportunities for you here.

Minke whales can be seen on the Ribbon Reefs-photo courtesy of Mike Ball With such a large area to dive the “GBR” marine park can be a daunting prospect. To help make life easier Dive The World has selected only the very best barrier reef liveaboards. This diving paradise has a huge range of environments which attracts a multitude of species. Huge manta rays can be seen at the pristine Osprey Reef and the shark feed at North Horn is an adrenaline packed dive that is not to be missed.

The Ribbon Reefs along the outer barrier reef are a magnet for large pelagics and at the right time of year you may be fortunate enough to get the once over from curious minke whales. These reefs are also loaded with dozens of colourful nudibranchs, so rationing your time between the reef and the blue can be tricky! So what are you waiting for? Tell us when you wish to go and we’ll do the rest!

Dive The World can provide you with an excellent range of Australian liveaboards to choose from all offering great facilities and a high level of service.

So now is the time! Check out our Diving Australia – Specials & Last Minute Deals and make that trip Down Under come true!

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