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Scuba Cuba – Check out the video of Diving in Jardines de la Reina

Are you aware of the buzz that Cuba is creating in the world of diving? During Cuba’s political isolation, Cuba’s reefs have quietly been thriving and playing host to myriad sharks, groupers, schools of fish and macro life.

In Jardines de la Reina commercial fishing and industries are prohibited, permanent residences are non-existent and tourism is strictly controlled. This policy was initiated in the 1990’s by Fidel Castro, himself a diver. The national park, covering an area of 385 miles² (2,170 km²), is one of the largest marine reserves in the Caribbean.

Sharks (as many as 6 species on a single dive), together with snappers, tiger and goliath groupers of up to 400lbs (180kg), are the main attractions on most dives.

There are only a few Cuba liveaboards operating in Jardines de la Reina, so spaces are at a premium. The trips fill up early so you need to plan in advance.

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