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Specials Galore This December

30th October 2016

blue-pealAll too frequently we get caught up in the hum drum of everyday life. Unfortunately the mundane takes over and we forget to live in the moment, appreciate the now, and soak up the wonders that surround us. Now is the time to act, do not wait for the chords of ‘auld lang syne’ to be playing to make your new year’s resolutions. Decide now where you want to go and what you want to experience. Dive The World is here to help make all your dreams a reality by providing you with lots of great offers for liveaboard trips this December.

Like many divers, your list may include making more time for scuba holidays, booking that liveaboard trip or possibly go that extra mile to encounter that one elusive must see amazing sea creature.

amiraYou are spoilt for choice this December with the amazing variety of discounted liveaboard trips. You can select a festive diving holiday destination close to home or book an adventure far away. Why not make the most of the special prices and book two liveaboards in neighbouring destinations such as Thailand and Indonesia or Sudan and Egypt, or you can book the prized trip to the Galapagos that may have seemed just out of your reach? Seize the day and end 2016 the same way you intend to live in 2017! Send us an email today for more information on these incredible offers.

astreaWe are asking you, why wait? Dive The World can help you to make your new year’s resolutions happen before the end of 2016 and help you save $$$. There is no need to compromise, we are offering you discounted liveaboard trips in 12 different countries! It couldn’t be easier, go to our Dive Liveaboards Calendar where all our December discounted liveaboard trips are conveniently highlighted for you. Click on the liveaboard trip of your choice, preview the extensive details we provide and simply email us or send us an enquiry.

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