Galapagos Special Offers and Last Minute Deals

The best diving location on the planet is better value for money this year, new park rules allow divers to get wet up to 4 times a day and take night dives! So combine that with Dive The World‘s great Galapagos Islands special offers and that dream trip becomes fantastic value for money!

Snorkeling with whale sharks The isolated Galapagos Islands are simply incredible. There’s nowhere else in the world that offers such a huge variety of large marine fauna. Hammerhead sharks in their hundreds can be seen at Darwin Island and graceful eagle rays, turtles and dolphins form a steady procession of impressive marine wildlife. If you’re fortunate enough to be in the Galapagos Islands between June and October then you can add gigantic whale sharks to the already breathtaking list!

Punta Vincente Roca is home to playful sea lions and the bizarre looking Mola Mola. To name all the wildlife you can see in the Galapagos would simply take too long, so take advantage of our special deals and get yourself over there!

Dive The World have an excellent selection of Galapagos liveaboards for you to choose from, all selected for their high level of service and onboard facilities.

So take a look right now at all our Diving Galapagos – Specials & Last Minute Deals and make that trip of a lifetime come true for less!

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Single Divers – Single Supplements

Misool-Eco-Resort-3-fbNot everyone has a partner who dives or who can time their holidays with their friends so being a single traveler on a diving holiday is quite a common thing. It can be a lot of fun getting to know people when above the surface and then enjoying your time underwater too where it is usually an experience between you and Mother Nature.

As a single traveler there are positives and negatives and one subject that often arises is the dilemma between sharing a room or cabin, or booking a private room or cabin for yourself. Often a single supplement will apply if you require privacy. However the situation is different from resort to resort, liveaboard to liveaboard and destination to destination. So how to make sense of it all? That’s where Dive The World can help.

We know what products permit single travelers to share and which ones don’t. We know what policies the operators apply and how they compare to their competitors. So we can guide you. If the likelihood and amount of a single supplement is a concern for you then the best thing to do is check with us regarding whichever specific resort or liveaboard you are interested in. But to give some general advice here is a destination by destination guideline.

Is it optional? Yes. As a single traveler you can expect to share a cabin on a Thailand liveaboard.
What’s the usual supplement? Ranges from 50% to 90%.
Recommended: MV Peter Pan, MV Scuba Adventure and SY Diva Andaman have a 50% single supplement.

Is it optional? Yes. All Mexico liveaboards treat single guests sharing a cabin as the norm.
What’s the usual supplement? There is a big difference in single supplement policy between the liveaboards here. From a boat with single cabins meaning no additional cost to 100% of the published price.
Recommended: Please check with us. We can advise as to the single cabin options. Also the Nautilus Explorer has a 25% single supplement.

Is it optional? Yes. As a single traveler on Maldives liveaboards, you can share a cabin.
What’s the usual supplement? There is a lot of variation. 65 to 70% is about average.
Recommended: MV Sting Ray and MV Eagle Ray have a 40% single supplement. Carpe Diem has a 50% single supplement for summer trips.

Indonesia – Komodo
Is it optional? Yes. Komodo liveaboards expect single travelers to share. You may even book a single cabin here.
What’s the usual supplement? There is a lot of variation – from 46% to 100%
Recommended: MV Mermaid I has single cabins available. KLM Sea Safari VI charges 42% to 46% depending on cabin. Cheng Ho’s single supplement is 50%.

Indonesia – Raja Ampat, Cenderawasih Bay
Is it optional? Yes. You can share with another single traveler, or choose to pay the single supplement for privacy.
What’s the usual supplement? There is a wide range – with 65% as an average.
Recommended: KLM Euphoria 40%, KLM Sea Safari VI charges 42% to 46% depending on cabin, MV Pindito and SMY Seahorse both have a 50% single supplement.

Indonesia – Bali
Is it optional? No. If you are staying at a Bali Resort you cannot have the option to share with another single traveler.
What’s the usual supplement? There is a lot of variation depending on resort, standard of room and season. Please check with us.
Recommended: If you are a single traveler help us find the option that is best for you in Bali.

Indonesia – Sulawesi
Is it optional? It is compulsory if you are staying at a North Sulawesi resort. You may not share a room. You can share a cabin if you are on a Sulawesi liveaboard
What’s the usual supplement? There is a lot of variation depending on resort, standard of room and season. Please check with us. 75% is to be expected on a Sulawesi liveaboard.
Recommended: If you are a single traveler help us find the option that is best for you in a North Sulawesi resort. MY Pelagian liveaboard which operates in Sulawesi has a 75% single supplement.

imagesingleIs it optional? Yes on all Great Barrier Reef liveaboards you can share a cabin. Only if you want a private cabin will you need to pay the single supplement
What’s the usual supplement? 70% to 100% of the published price.
Recommended: MV Kangaroo Explorer have a range of single supplements often less than 70% so please check with us. Spoilsport’s single supplement is 70%.

Is it optional? Some of the resorts in Belize insist that single travelers cannot share with other guests but must pay for the room entirely. Others are happy to let you share, subject to availability and at non-peak times. With liveaboards it is entirely optional.
What’s the usual supplement? Resorts: Many variations – please check with us. Liveaboards: 65% of the published price.
Recommended: At Turneffe Flats, Turneffe Island Resort and Blackbird you can pay for privacy or take your chances that there will be no-one to share with. This is subject to availability and is more likely at non-peak times. Both Sun Dancer II and Belize Aggressor have a 65% single supplement

Is it optional? Yes. Most single people share a cabin, no problem.
What’s the usual supplement? There is quite a spread between the different liveaboards: anything from 50% to 100%.
Recommended: MV Thai Sea and MV Sea World both have a 50% single supplement

Is it optional? It is compulsory in most in most Fiji resorts. However single travelers staying in Volivoli Resort or Uprising Beach Resort can stay in a shared dormitory and therefore pay a per-person price. Single travelers normally do share on Fiji liveaboards unless you wish to pay for privacy.
What’s the usual supplement? In most Fiji resorts the supplement ranges between 30 and 60%. It varies from one liveaboard to the next: from 50 to 100%.
Recommended: MV Nai’a and AS Tui Tai both feature a 50% single supplement.

Is it optional? It is optional on all Cocos liveaboards. You can share with another guest or pay the single supplement if you want privacy.
What’s the usual supplement? Cocos liveaboards are normally an expensive option if you want a cabin to yourself with most boats charging a 100% single supplement.
Recommended: Exceptions to the 100% rules are Wind Dancer and Okeanos Aggressor which charge a 65% single supplement.

Is it optional? On all Galapagos liveaboards sharing is the norm. You can have a cabin to yourself If you pay the supplement.
What’s the usual supplement? There is quite a narrow range here: from 65% to 80%
Recommended: Galapagos Sky, the 2 Aggressors, Deep Blue and Pinguino Explorer all share a 65% single supplement.

Red Sea – Egypt
Is it optional? Single travelers can share cabins, no problem, unless you wish to pay for a private cabin.
What’s the usual supplement? A large variation here, from 25% to 100%
Recommended: Golden Dolphin boats only charge 25%, MY Cassiopeia and MY Andromeda: only 30%.

Red Sea – Sudan
Is it optional? Yes. Most single travelers share cabins
What’s the usual supplement? From 30% to 65%
Recommended: MY Andromeda’s single supplement is only 30%. MS Royal Evolution’s is 65%.

Is it optional? It is normally compulsory if you are staying at a Malaysia dive resort. You may not share a room, although some resorts are exceptions to this rule. You can share a cabin on a Malaysia liveaboard.
What’s the usual supplement? There is a lot of variation depending on resort, standard of room and season. Please check with us. A private cabin on a liveaboard here will involve a single supplement of 45%
Recommended: Seaventures dive rig and SMART resort allow sharing between single travelers. Some other resorts like Mabul Water Bungalows and Sipadan Water village allow sharing but it is subject to availability and only available during non-peak times of the year. If you are a single traveler help us find the option that is best for you in a Malaysia resort. MV Celebes Explorer has a 45% single supplement policy.

So if you’re a solo traveler and want to get the best advice on single friendly options, Call us on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.


Belize Special Offers and Last Minute Deals

Wondering where to go for some great Caribbean diving? Then think no further than Belize. Take advantage of the special offers that Dive The World has collected for you here and you could soon be realizing your Caribbean dream.

Eagle ray in Belize - image courtesy of Turneffe Island ResortHome to the longest stretch of coral in the western hemisphere. Belize offers warm waters, fantastic visibilty and an easy going Caribbean charm. Ambergris Caye has white sand beaches, great local diving and a wide choice of nightspots and eateries.

For those looking to get away from it all, a stay on the picturesque Turneffe Reef Atoll enables guests to sample the fantastic diving right on their doorstep and enjoy the multitude of wildlife that make it home. The waters around Belize offer an abundance of large and small marine animals; eagle rays can be seen in very large groups and manta rays, turtles and bottlenose dolphins are more than just occasional visitors to the spectacular sponge adorned reefs.

To get the most of these rich waters, try one of our quality Belize liveaboards that will take in everything from gentle shallow reefs to the famous depths of the Blue Hole or a luxury resort to get plenty of beach time between dives.

So now is the perfect time to book that dream trip. Have a look at all our Diving Belize – Specials & Last Minute Deals and experience what Belize has to offer for less!

Useful Belize Island Diving Links


Indonesia Special Offers and Last Minute Deals

Where to begin? With so many wonderful dive destinations in Indonesia covering so much variety, the task of choosing your next trip is not an easy one. Hopefully our selection of great special offers can help you decide!

Dive Bunaken: Hairy Frogfish can be seen at LembehThe diving in Indonesia covers such a vast area and has so many great quality options that it can be a headache just selecting the right place for your needs!. Well that’s where we come in, just tell us what experience you desire and we can offer you the choices that are tailor-made for you. From the last diving frontier at Raja Ampat to the jawdropping muck diving at Lembeh. One things for sure there will be something to suit your needs.

Luxurious liveaboards can get you to the very best dive sites and give you an incredibly diverse journey in the rich waters around Komodo and the more budget conscious divers can enjoy fabulous shore diving at Bali’s east coast. So whether it’s tiny nudibranchs or enormous whale sharks you wish to see, contact Dive The World and take advantage of our expert advice.

Right now we have a wide choice of Indonesia liveaboards for you to choose from, all providing quality accommodation and great service. Or why not stay in one of our beautiful tropical dive resorts?

Take a look now at our Diving Indonesia – Specials & Last Minute Deals and discover the amazing underwater world of Indonesia!

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Maldives Special Offers and Last Minute Deals

Diving the nutrient rich waters and stunning reefs of the Maldives should be on every divers wish list so take advantage of Dive The World’s great special offers and you could soon be in this diving paradise for less than you think!

Manta ray - Dive North Male Atoll, Maldives - photo courtesy of ScubaZooThis incredibly beautiful island chain in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a haven for all kinds of marine wildlife. The pinnacles and thilas around Ari Atoll are renowned for the frequent visits by whale sharks and manta rays. The Maldives largest reef around Vaavu Atoll attracts many different species of shark and a host of large pelagics. From gentle sloping reefs to exhilarating drift dives in the channels around North Male Atoll – the Maldives has something for everyone.

Dive The World have an outstanding selection of quality Maldives liveaboards to choose from, all providing you with professional service and incredible diving.

So now is the time to take a look at our Diving Maldives – Specials & Last Minute Deals and get diving in the stunning Maldives for less!

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Malaysia Special Offers and Last Minute Deals

Are you considering Malaysia for your next diving vacation? Then be sure to check out the fantastic special offers we’ve put together here for this amazing diving destination. We have some great discounts available at some of the finest Malaysia dive resorts.

The reefs around Malaysia are truly stunning. The exciting sea mounts at Layang Layang and Sipadan Island offer some of the best diving in the world, mixing pristine reefs with incredible big fish action. Schooling hammerhead sharks, dogtooth tuna, barracuda, turtles and even pilot whales can be seen gliding by.

One of the few places in Malaysia to offer wreck diving is Lankayan Island, but it also boasts great macro diving, pristine reefs and at the right time of year you may be fortunate to see a passing whale shark!

The treasure trove of critters around Mabul and Kapalai can reward the keen eyed diver with some weird and wonderful finds and is only a short boat ride from Sipidan. It’s an ideal place to combine dramatic drop offs and macro gem laden shallow reefs. The easy accessibility and wonderfully diverse diving make Malaysia a worthy consideration for any divers holiday.

Right now Dive The World have a superb selection of dive resorts for you to choose from. Or why not get the most out of your valuable dive time by sampling the fantastic itinerary on board the Celebes Explorer.

Now is the time to take a look at what Malaysia has for you! Our exclusive discounts won’t be on offer for long!

Check out our Diving Malaysia – Specials & Last Minute Deals for all the details.

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Book Our New Thailand Liveaboard MV Similan Explorer And Get A US$ 100 Discount

Here at Dive The World we are delighted to announce the launch of our latest Thailand Liveaboard the MV Similan Explorer. So now we can offer you even more options for your Similan Islands diving trip and at a great price too! To celebrate we are giving away a free Dive The World Discount Voucher when you book your trip before 05 Jan 2013.

Now you can enjoy the underwater wonders of the Similan Islands at a very affordable price onboard the MV Similan Explorer. Accommodating a maximum of just 20 guests in 8 cabins this spacious liveaboard provides an excellent service. A large shaded area, an upper sun deck and bright breezy rooms ensures divers have plenty of choices when it comes to relaxing in between there underwater explorations. So together with the already low rates and our Dive The World Discount Voucher the MV Similan Explorer represents a great option for those on a tighter budget dreaming of a visit to the magical Similan Islands and the world famous Richelieu Rock.

Read more information on the Thailand Liveaboard MV Similan Explorer including details of the boat, specifications, trips and prices.

Dive The World has the following special offer for you:

MV Similan Explorer – Special Offer

Book your cruise on this new liveaboard by 05 January 2013 and get a US$ 100 Discount Voucher off your next dive vacation with Dive The World!

This offer can be used in addition to other special offers including your Dive The World returning customer 5% discount. Voucher is transferable.

See here for the discount voucher Terms and Conditions.

So go on, book that trip to explore incredible diving in the Similan Islands National Park and enjoy a huge discount off your next vacation! Contact Dive The World right away to find out more about the MV Similan Explorer . Call us on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.


Tauchen in Belize – Specials & Last-Minute-Angebote

Letzte Aktualisierung:

Hier finden Sie die neuesten Angebote zum Tauchen in Belize. Tauchresorts oder Tauchsafaris in ganz Belize, von denen wir hören dass sie tolle Angebote haben, werden hier aufgelistet.

Die Specials unten, stellen eine Auswahl derzeit laufender spezieller Angebote für dieses Reiseziel dar. Vielleicht stehen auch weitere Angebote in letzter Minute zur Verfügung. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen, wenn Sie die Reise und das Tauchen kurzfristig planen.

Greife jetzt zu bei Tauchresorts und Tauchsafaris mit unglaublichen Rabatten! (die Spezial Angebote sind nur auf Englisch vorhanden)

Nützliche Links zum Belize Tauchen

Belize Tauchdestinationen

 Sende uns eine Tauch-Anfrage

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Seeking Some Thrilling Diving? The Maldives Is Calling You…

How do you fancy experiencing the thrill of drift diving in the beautiful Maldives on your next dive vacation? This famous diving destination boasts an abundance of marine life with manta rays, eagle rays, sharks and whale sharks, along with fish galore.

MY Blue Planet 1 liveaboard in the Red Sea Due to the unique geography of the Maldives with its islands, atolls and channels, liveaboard diving allows you to explore the very best dive sites, often from the vessels own tender. You can explore the caves, caverns and colourful walls as well as pristine, healthy reefs that all offer a wealth of exciting underwater photography opportunities.

The Maldives liveaboard diving season is almost upon us so what are you waiting for?

Check out these great deals from Dive The World:

Carpe Vita Explorer – 10% Off!

Discover the North Male, Rasdhoo, Ari and South Male atolls on this high-standard liveaboard and cruise the turquoise waters in style.
8 Days 7 Nights 23 Dives
09 – 16 Dec 2012
20 – 27 Dec 2012
Standard cabin: Was US$ 2,505 Now only US$ 2,255
Save US$ 250 per diver!

Liveaboard Cruise Plus Luxury Resort Stay

Treat yourself to the Maldives holiday of a lifetime by combining your liveaboard cruise onboard MV Monsoon or MV Sheena with a few extra days of pampering in a stunning 5 star resort.
Medhufushi Island Resort Beach Villa
3 days 2 Nights Nov 2012
Full board: US$ 382 per person
Komandoo Island Resort Jacuzzi Water Villa
3 days 2 Nights Nov 2012
Bed & Breakfast: US$ 500 per person

Are you planning that dream trip diving in the Maldives? Then contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

If you’d like to ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest diving news and special offers subscribe to our e-news now!

Note: All prices quoted are per diver sharing and are subject to availability and currency fluctuations. Currency rate is correct at time of publishing. Special offers apply to new bookings only.


Combine our loyalty discount and DivEncounters’

Did you know that here at Dive The World we offer you a great choice of top-quality liveaboards belonging to the DivEncounters Alliance?

What’s more you can combine their loyalty programme and ours and make BIG savings!

Consider these benefits:

  • Dive The World 5% returning customer discount (can be 10% for the most loyal)
  • DiveEncounters 5%+ returning customer discount
  • Free Nitrox
  • US$ 50 on board credit
  • Free night in hotel before your cruise (some destinations only)
  • Free room upgrade (some destinations only)

You can add these all up and make a pretty tasty killing! If you are going to any of the destinations below in the next couple of years then this could be the offer for you. You just need to take your 2nd Alliance liveaboard within 18 months.

Maldives liveaboard MV Orion Founded in 2011 by world-renowned liveaboard operator Peter A Hughes, the Alliance is made up of an international team that has over 40 years of experience in the diving industry. This group of independent liveaboard dive operators has one aim: “to provide guests with exceptional diving encounters while providing luxury accommodations and amenities onboard – at all times”.

The Alliance doesn’t charge any commission or fees from its partners. This helps ensure that a high level of facilities, staffing and top-quality service is maintained by the operator so you get more for your hard earned money. The philosophy of the Alliance is not to be the biggest operator out there but simply the best when it comes to providing you the customer with a professional, reliable and safe diving experience at some of the world’s most out-standing dive destinations.

Have a look at the DivEncounters Alliance liveaboards you can choose from:

MV Orion
MV Ocean Divine

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Sky

MV Solmar


Cocos Island
MV Argo
MV Sea Hunter

MV Solitude One

Indonesia liveaboard WAOW All DivEncounters Alliance liveaboard vessels are carefully selected and provide excellent food, superb accommodation and outstanding customer service. They also provide personal locator devices for each buddy pair.

So why not spoil yourself with an unforgettable cruise onboard one of these exceptional liveaboards from the DivEncounters Alliance?

Contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email for more information.

If you’d like to ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest diving news and special offers subscribe to our e-news now!


Important Improvements To Dive The World’s Terms And Conditions

Here at Dive The World we are always looking at ways to improve our service to you our valued customer. With our wide range of destinations and products, many people choose to book with us again and again. They trust our service and know that our recommendations will help ensure their dive holidays live up to their expectations and go without a hitch. We want to thank those customers and make ourselves your number 1 choice for diving holidays. So we are delighted to announce 2 important improvements to our terms and conditions.

1. Full Refund on Operator Cancellations

Dive The World offers great discounts for returning customers When an operator cancels we will give you a full refund. We will pay to you the funds we received from you, and we will pay the transfer fees for the refund too! What a service!

This new protection for our customers against operator cancellation costs has been reflected by the removal of the cost of admin charges for refunds from our terms and conditions.

2. Loyal Customer BONUSES!

All our returning customers enjoy some additional privileges and benefits as an expression of our gratitude for your loyalty. In addition to our Returning Customer Discount we now have a new Frequent Diver Discount AND we are waiving admin charges for returning customers who need to amend their booking.

  • Returning Customer Discount – another initiative from Dive The World to ensure you get the best possible value for money: Book 2 scuba diving trips with us and receive a 5% returning customer DISCOUNT applicable to your second holiday and every one after that. Just complete our simple QA form to qualify.
  • Note: this discount is limited to the price of your previous booking(s). You will be entitled to a full 5% discount off your next booking, provided that the total price of your previous bookings is greater than or equal to the price of your next booking. Otherwise the discount will be limited by and applied to the total price of your previous bookings. Discounts apply only to the price of the dive packages, not to park fees, taxes or any other supplementary charges. Send us an enquiry for more detailed information.

    Book your liveaboard cruise with Dive The World and enjoy operator cancellation protection

  • Frequent Diver Discount – make 5 dive bookings with us and receive 10% off the price of your 5th booking from Dive The World’s Gold Range (contact us for the latest full list of Gold Range products). This discount is repeated every additional 5 bookings that you make.
  • Free Booking Amendment – we know that it’s not always possible to stick to your plans. So we will waive our US$ 100 administration charge for the first change you request to any booking as a repeat customer. See the ‘Changes to Your Booking‘ section.

Are you excited about your next diving trip? Then book with us for unbeatable returning customer bonuses and operator cancellation protection. Contact Dive The World now on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

If you’d like to ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest diving news and special offers subscribe to our e-news now!


Dive The World’s Exclusive Sipadan Discounts

Last updated: 6 Oct 2012

The most famous scuba diving destination in Malaysia, Sipadan boasts an incredible amount of marine diversity from macro diving to turtles to hammerhead sharks. So it is no wonder that this has become such a popular destination for a dive resort holiday.

Dive The World has been running some incredible exclusive offers recently and the good news for you is…….we have decided to extend the offer.

So as long as you book before the end of Dec 2012 you can still save big!

So spring into action to improve your diving memories or let this chance go by and live in regret. These discounts are on offer for a limited time only so take advantage of them now. You won’t find better deals than these.

Sipadan Specials:


So if you are thinking of discovering Malaysia diving then book now! Take that dream dive vacation to Sipadan and save money too! Contact Dive The World by sending us an email or call us on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794.

Have a look here at our Malaysia diving video gallery to see some amazing diving footage.


Komodo – If you haven’t dived there, here is why you should….

Komodo diving season will soon be here. Have you been? If not, then it is time you took action and added this incredible destination to your log book and your memories. If you have been, you will know what magic awaits you on your return, the magic of the Komodo National Park!

Experience the incredible underwater delights of this world-renowned dive destination where the marine life is so rich and diverse. Nowhere has reefs so bursting with colour as Komodo.

Mantas rays can be seen frequently in Komodo National Park As many of our Komodo Liveaboard trips depart from Bali, you could indulge in a few days at a stunning, tropical Bali dive resort while you’re at it and dive 2 dream destinations in 1 trip! We have some fantastic liveaboard deals and surprise offers so you can get up close to manta rays and Komodo dragons with money to spare!

Go on! You know you want to…. Here are a few specials to whet your appetite:

Black Manta – Free Nitrox
Enjoy free Nitrox as you explore the bio-diverse dive sites of Komodo’s marine wonderland. Valid for all new bookings.
Komodo 4 night and 5 night cruises May – October 2012
2 Free fills per day on 1st & 3rd dives

Moana – Special Bali to Komodo Trips
Experience some of the best diving in Indonesia on a special extended Bali to Komodo cruise.
Komodo > Bali
10 Days 9 Nights
03 – 12 Nov 2012
Standard: Only US$ 3,277 (€ 2,300)
Bali > Komodo
8 Days 7 Nights
16 – 23 Nov 2012
Standard: Only US$ 2,622 (€ 1,840)

Ondina – Free Underwater Photography Workshops
Underwater photography and videography expert Danny Van Belle will be onboard to share his expertise with you for free!
All cruises from 18 Jun – 16 Oct 2012
10 Days 9 Nights 25 Dives
Price: Only US$ 2,346 (€ 1,800)

Are you ready to embark on a dream holiday diving in Komodo and take advantage of our great deals? Then contact Dive The World right away on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794 or send us an email.

Note: All prices quoted are per diver sharing and are subject to availability and currency fluctuations. Currency rate is correct at time of publishing. Special offers apply to new bookings only.

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Want A Great Diving Discount? Have A Look At Our Videos!

Here at Dive The World we feel that being able to see exactly what the diving will be like on your next dive vacation is a great help when choosing a destination. But do you agree? We’d like to know what you think.

See what the diving will be like on your next scuba dive vacation by watching our video gallery-photo courtesy of scubazooTake a look at the latest additions to Dive The World’s scuba diving video gallery and see the exciting destinations, and quality dive resorts and Liveaboards that we have hand-picked just for you.
Check out the stunning imagery of these video tours and get a taste of the diving delights that await you when you book with us.

Then answer the questions below and enter our prize draw to win a FREE discount voucher of up to US$ 100 off your next diving trip!
We are giving away a 1st prize of US$ 100 and a 2nd prize of US$ 50!

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at our scuba diving video gallery now and then let us know what you think!

Please answer the following questions:
– Are videos important to you?
– Are you more likely to book your vacation with a website that features videos than one that doesn’t?
– Are you more likely to select a destination having watched a diving video of that destination?
– Are you more likely to select a particular resort or liveaboard having watched a video of it?
– What do you like best about our videos?
– What do you least like about our videos?
– What advice would you give us on our future plans for videos?

Send us an email with your answers and we’ll enter you into our prize draw with the chance to win a FREE discount voucher!

Discount voucher terms and conditions.

Entries must be received by 29th Feb 2012. Winner will be drawn on 1st March and notified by email.


FREIES Nitrox Auf Black Manta 2012!

Zuletzt aktualisiert am: 27. Januar 2012

Möchten Sie das Tauchen Abenteuer Ihres Lebens in Indonesien erleben? Dann buchen Sie an Bord der Indonesien Tauchsafari KM Black Manta und kriegen Sie einige tolle Rabatte!

KM Black Manta in IndonesiaDie KM Black Manta bietet Kreuzfahrten an die aufregenden, artenreichen Tauchplätze von Raja Ampat und Komodo, und hat einen guten Ruf für Qualität und erstklassigen Service. Es gibt viel Platz an Bord ist und wenn Sie nicht tauchen vom geräumigen 40m ² Tauchdeck, können Sie sich eine Massage gönnen, auf dem Sonnendeck entspannen, und die westlichen, thailändischen und indonesischen Buffets geniessen.

Dive The World hat folgende Angebote für Sie:

Indonesien Tauchsafaris KM Black Manta – FREIES Nitrox!

Bei allen Black Manta Raja Ampat und Komodo Reisen
Gültig für Neubuchungen ab 1. Januar 2012
2 Freie Füllungen pro Tag am 1. & 3. Tauchgang
Zusätzliche Füllungen = 12 US $ pro Füllung

Beinhaltet: Kabinen Unterkunft mit Klimaanlage, Handtuch, Kabinenreinigung, Frühstück, Mittagessen, Abendessen, Snacks, Kaffee, heiße Schokolade, Tee und Wasser, Tauchgänge, Tauchflaschen, Blei und Gurt, erfahrene englischsprachige Instructoren und Divemaster, Rückkehr Transfers zum Schiff vom Hotel oder Flughafen (Maumere / Ambon / Sorong) oder Labuan Bajo.

Ausgeschlossen sind: Flüge, Hotels, Marine Park & Hafen Gebühr (US $ 110), Tauchausrüstung, Tauchversicherung, alkoholfreie Getränke (US $ 2), alkoholische Getränke, Massagen (US $ 25).

Werfen Sie einen Blick auf unsere Indonesien Tauchen Videos

Wollen Sie irgendwo ganz speziell hingehen, auf Ihrem Indonesien Tauchurlaub, und ein besonderes Angebot auf der KM Black Manta Indonesien Tauchsafari erhalten? Dann kontaktieren Sie Dive The World sofort unter +66 (0) 83 505 7794 oder senden Sie uns eine E-Mail.

Hinweis: Alle Preise verstehen sich pro Taucher in einer geteilten Kabine, und unterliegen Währungsschwankungen. Umrechnungskurs ist korrekt zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung. Sonderangebote gelten nur für neue Buchungen.