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Newsletters Continued

September 2010

Charles Darwin feature
Diving can be good for the environment
Kima Bajo, Manado dive resort
Mimic octopus

March 2010

Blue Planet Red Sea liveaboard
Celebrity scuba divers
Mike Ball, the dive legend himself

September 2009

Bumphead parrotfish
Lobster liberation
Marine medical emergencies
Nautica, Thailand liveaboard

April 2009

Annoying divers
Banda Sea liveaboard, MSY Seahorse
Finning techniques

September 2008

Clown fish
Muck diving
Obesity and diving
Payzip debt and financial fraud
Maldives liveaboard trip report - Princess Haleema

March 2008

Dive The World Travel Club - Sipadan Island
Macro diving
Fiji diving holiday glamour
Dive and travel insurance feature

September 2007

Sea Horses
Similan liveaboard trip report - West Coast Explorer
Underwater Cameramen
Women and diving

March 2007

Dive The World Travel Club - Similan Islands
An idiot's guide to building an artificial reef
Fiji coup - latest news

September 2006

Dive The World Competition
Adventure Komodo liveaboard
Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Sabah - Malaysia
Cut Fish out from Your Menu

March 2006

Fish feel pain too
The Komodo dragon
Muck diving in the Lembeh Strait
Underwater photography

October 2005

Burma Banks liveaboard safari
Headaches on scuba
Sea turtles
Shark dives in Fiji

March 2005

Scalloped Hammerheads
Malaria and diving
Dive Sangalaki
Asian Tsunami environmental damage assessment

November 2004

Learn to dive on holiday - your first step
Lembeh Strait diving adventures
PADI - What does it really stand for?
Sipadan - latest news on resort closures

April 2004

Diving with asthma
Coral reef threats
Komodo liveaboards
Sun fish - Mola Mola
Underwater videography

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