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Protect Our Coral Seas? You Bet Your Wrasse

Have you ever dived Australia’s Great Barrier Reef? Then you will be in awe of the biodiversity of the Coral Seas, sporting everything from seahorses to humpback whales.

A new campaign has been launched to Protect Our Coral Seas by declaring this spectacular area as the world’s largest marine park.

Meet their spokesfish, Barry the wrasse and hear it from the fish’s mouth:

The Coral Seas is an important nursery and habitat for pelagic and reef fish, whales, dolphins and turtles.  All set against magnificent flora and fauna: sponge gardens, starfish, feather stars and coloured algae.

Marine life forms are carried by currents between the Coral Sea and The Great Barrier Reef making their continued health and abundant marine life mutually dependent.

Enough reason for you to sign their petition?

Read news from a Coral Sea Campaigner here:
Coral Sea Campaigner Dives Into Remote Lihou

After all that hard work saving the Coral Seas, don’t you think you deserve an Australian diving holiday?

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