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Huge Support for Coral Seas Marine Park

Does saving the Coral Seas mean something to you? You’re not alone! Protect Our Coral Seas has over 30,000 Australians supporting their efforts to declare this spectacular area as the world’s largest protected area.

Over 30,000 Australians from all walks of life have emailed letters to their federal Member of Parliament requesting the Coral Seas be declared a Marine Protected Area.

Among these supporters are over 2,500 recreational fishers.

Says recreational fisherman Sean Marler, “I’ve recreationally fished along the Queensland coast for 30 years. Even in that brief time I’ve noticed a huge decline in the fish stocks. Let’s be honest – those who enjoy fishing want to preserve our assets and fish stocks. That’s the reason I support the creation of a very large fully protected marine national park in the Coral Sea“.

Ninety percent of large fish lost from our oceans in the past fifty years is a frightening figure. We need a place such as the Coral Sea, where these large fish can have a safe home“, said Terry Spackman, retiree and occasional recreational fisher.

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