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The Amazing DeepSee Submersible Tour!

Would you like to dive deeper than you’ve ever done before? Do you like the idea of seeing marine creatures that live at depths beyond the recreational dive limits? Well now you can at Cocos Island.

Dive The World’s very own Sheldon Hey was lucky enough to experience this privilege and you can read his first hand amazing account here: DeepSee Submersible Tour.

Treat yourself to this fabulous tour and observe amazing creatures you have never encountered before and marvel at the extraordinary underwater landscape.

DeepSee is a custom-built, 1 atmosphere submarine, designed to carry 1 pilot and 2 passengers to a depth of up to nearly 475m (1,500 feet).
This state-of-the-art submarine is stationed on the MV Argo liveaboard which runs regular diving cruises to Cocos Island.

Depending on how deep you descend you will be treated to the sight of different and unique underwater critters, as well as masses of schooling hammerhead sharks, mobula rays and huge tuna fish. It is also possible to observe endemic fish such as the Cocos batfish, that are not seen at normal recreational diving depths.

DeepSee Submersible Tour
1 Dive in a Pre-reserved Seat

  • Dive to max depth 100m (330 feet) – Price:US$1,200!
  • Dive to max depth 215m (700 feet) – Price:US$1,600!
  • Dive to max depth 305m (1,000 feet) – Price:US$1,800!

To take advantage of this once-in-a lifetime opportunity, book your dive cruise onboard MV Argo and reserve your DeepSee Submersible dive. You may also book if you are a guest onboard the Sea Hunter or the Undersea Hunter provided that the MV Argo is present at Cocos Island during your proposed dive trip.

Want to dive Cocos Island deeper than you’ve ever been before? Contact Dive The World to find out more about the MV Argo liveaboard. Send us an email or call us on +66 (0)94 582 7973 / (0)83 505 7794.

Note: Prepaid bookings cannot be 100% guaranteed as unforeseen changes to the DeepSee Submersible’s schedule may occur if maintenance and/or repairs are requiredi, or if other unforeseen circumstances arise meaning the submersible is unavailable. Under these circumstances Dive The World will provide a full refund.

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