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Egypt Update: Charter Flights to South Sinai To Resume?

Last updated: 29 August 2013

Read more about diving in the Red SeaWe know what a popular destination Egypt is for diving, so we are trying to give you every bit of news we receive. Although nothing official has been announced yet, there does seem to be the possibility of European charter flights resuming service towards the end of September. There is a certain amount of frustration among the operators which seems to service a little in the below statement.

The managing director of MS Royal Evolution has released the following statement:

Dear Partners and Colleagues,

Many of you have been in contact with us over the last few days, expressing concerns about the “situation” in Egypt after the interim government’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood minority protest camps in Cairo and Alexandria.

Some of you have referred to the cancelled charter flights to Egypt for the next two weeks. Please understand that we can do nothing about the “over-exaggeration” and super zealous insurance companies who refuse to allow the flights to operate. The demand is there for people wishing to come.

However, there is an even bigger western agenda to support the minority militants, for some reason best known to themselves, to put pressure on the huge majority of non-militant Egyptian people to rethink their position. Hence, the dictates to upgrade the travel warnings and make it impossible for some operators to get insurance.

The fact is that you are still far safer here in the Red Sea than you would be in any major capital city in Europe. We confirm that the Red Sea remain safe despite all the rumors around.

We do understand your and your clients concerns for traveling to Egypt this days after the negative media coverage by the western. Therefore, we’ll continue honoring our commitments as usual and offer to cancel the confirmed bookings till the end of September 2013 without any fees.

However, we would like to inform you that we have received several confirmations from big Tour Operators in Europe that the charter flights will resume their flight schedule to the Red Sea and South Sinai starting from the 19th September 2013.

We would like to thank you for all your support during the last years, as we promise you that we’ll continue stressing on safety, training & high quality services we’ve become known for the
satisfaction of our valuable guests.

Many thanks wishing you all a successful season.

Kind Regards,
Yasser El Moafi
Chairman & Managing Director
Red Sea Paradise for Cruises S.A.E owner & operator of M/S Royal Evolution
Hurghada, 27th August 2013

Please note that the political views expressed in this statement are not necessarily the opinions held by Dive The World.

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