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Important Egypt Update

With many countries now issuing a general travel warning for Egypt, some charter airlines have put a hold on services until 15 September. We strongly urge any divers who are traveling between now and those dates to re-check their flight situation. We have already tried contacting all of our customers traveling to Egypt in this period but in the unlikely event you haven’t received an email; please contact us as soon as possible on +66(0)835057794 or send us an email..

If your flight is still departing or you’re already traveling we have been assured from our colleagues in Sharm El Sheikh that it’s very much business as usual, boats are still running and there is still no effect from the political turmoil.

“For information: The situation in Sharm is as always, curfew is not in place and boats are going out, we can understand that many guest are worried but we assure that we will inform you if situation in Sharm is changing” said Petra Masztalerz from King Snefro Fleet.

And from Hurghada:
“In short, everything is going on as usual here. Dive boats and snorkel boats are out every day, bars and restaurants are open as usual and tourists are having a good holiday.
Other than on 14th August when it was advised that guests stay in their hotels (some did and many didn’t), it’s now business as usual as this was then lifted the following day. Daily diving has continued as planned, as have our snorkeling excursions.
There was a protest march through Hurghada after Friday prayers which I believe was peaceful with quite a lot of chanting and waving and all was quiet again by early evening.
The nightlife has continued as normal, if a little quieter. Tourists are walking around the main shopping/bar areas and enjoying their holidays.
Several countries, as you are aware, have suspended flights to Hurghada for varying periods of time. British guests continue to arrive and information coming back from guests already in resort is very positive
As stated above, the diving, the boats, the courses and the holiday atmosphere is as it was. The Red Sea resorts need people to continue to holiday and dive here – do come and visit”
said Tiarnagh Costello from Emperor divers.

So in short if your flight is still going it looks like you’re still in for a great holiday, just with fewer people around. We understand that you may have reservations about traveling to Egypt but please continue with your plans if possible and give some much needed support to our Red Sea Colleagues.

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