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Aussie dollar drops – Great Barrier Reef more affordable these days!

Exchange rate fluctuations mean good news for you if you want to dive Australia.

Update January 2016. Since the original of this post the Aussie dollar has continued its dramatic slide against so many other currencies that one glance at a 5 year graph against the USD says it all.

AUD vs USD Just look at how much more your USD means in AUD these days! This graph shows the period of 01 Jan 2011 to 12 January 2016. It shows the movement from 1 USD being the equivalent to 1 Aussie Dollar to now when 1 USD will get you 1.43 Aussie dollars. Whoa! How much has it slid against your currency, if it isn’t USD?

So all of the below points are even truer and more dramatic today than they were when we originally brought this currency bonanza to your attention.

If scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is on your diving ‘To Do’ list then surely this is an indicator that the time is now. Make it happen for you and your friends at prices that won’t hurt your pocket.

Original Post October 2014:

AUD vs USDThe Australian dollar has been dropping in value making it super cheap for others to visit Australia and dive the world-famous Great Barrier Reef. So why not act now and take advantage of this opportunity? Your money now goes further, so if you have been thinking about diving Australia “one day” maybe now is that day!

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