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Amazing Cocos video: Argo and DeepSee submersible

Argo.Boat.r1 Have you always dreamed of going to a magical island, like something from a movie, which is surrounded by waters teeming with schools of fish and hundreds of sharks, and rays? How about exploring the depths there in a small submarine? Imagine that!

Well your dreams can come true if you dive with the Sea Hunter fleet in Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Check out this video of MV Argo – one of the leading liveaboards in Cocos Island.

It shows off the boat and the underwater sights you can expect to see on scuba. It also gives you a stunning taste of what it must be like to see the Cocos dive sites and further below from the DeepSee submersible.


Check out Dive The World’s experience of sinking down below scuba depths on the dive sites of Cocos in our article recounting our DeepSee submersible tour.

As Sheldon Hey, the lucky person from Dive The World who had the experience says, “To have done something that very few have ever done and few will ever get the opportunity to ever do, makes you feel honoured and fortunate indeed.”

Check it out for yourself with the below video and then ask yourself if it is time to add to your life’s greatest adventures!

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