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Misool Eco Resort Pledges US$50 per Guest to Conservation

Misool Eco Resort has committed to increase the funding for their marine conservation foundation, Misool Baseftin in 2017! They will donate US$50 per guest at their resort, and they are asking each guest to match their donation.

What is the Misool Basefit Foundation?
Misool Eco Resort is located on the island of Batbitim in Raja Ampat. In 2005 it established the initial No-Take-Zone (425 sq km) with the agreement of the local village of Yellu. (Papuan villages retain traditional tenure rights over the sea.) In 2010, Misool was approached by community elders from a second villiage and the No-Take-Zone was extended to 828 sq km.

misool-eco-resort_1The Misool Baseftin Foundation was established in 2010. The foundation is aptly named, in the local lingo baseftin means protecting or looking after. The foundation views conservation as an interaction bewteen environmental, social and educational elements and is dedicated to protecting marine life in its Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Raja Ampat.

The foundation currently has two patrol boats and teams. The rangers work together with the local communities to agree upon, and to implement stringent consequences for offenders. The fines imposed on transgressors are donated to the community where the offence occured. This system ensures community support for the foundation and its aims and is reducing the number of incidents. Over a relatively short period of protection (between 2007 and 2013), scientific studies have confirmed that on average, the biomas has increased by over 250% in the protected areas!

With the No-Take-Zone now covering an area of 1,220 sq km additional funding is required to protect this invaluable asset. ‘Our goal is to create a sustainable funding model and ensure Raja Ampat’s spectacular reefs are protected for generations to come,’ said Marit Miners, co-founder, Misool Eco Resort. He added: ‘Inviting our guests to match the donation that our business has made on their behalf is a powerful way to engage our guests and give them the opportunity to protect what they love.’

misool-eco-resort-raja-ampat_shawn-heinrichsThis is a bold move from Misool and one that we hope other industry leaders will emulate,’ said Marcel Bigue, Director of Marine Programs at WildAid which has helped fund the foundation. ‘WildAid has partnered with Misool Baseftin for a decade, and we continue to be inspired by their commitment to this extraordinary pocket of the underwater world. Misool Eco Resort’s Guest Match Initiative speaks loudly to those who want to be a part of nature’s future.’

Their new sustatinable funding model is estimated to raise approximately US$ 25,000 annually from the resort’s donations. This amount could double if if each guest matches Misool’s donations. This will be a significant contribtion towards protecting this area that lies in the heart of one of the world’s richest areas of biodiversity. Read more about Misool Baseftin and find out how you can contribute to their work, or even better book your Raja Ampat diving resort vaction and experience it for yourself!

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