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Is Macro Major?

What type of diver are you? Is ‘size doesn’t matter’ your style or ‘variety is the spice of life’ your preference? At Dive The World we have them all covered for you.

Macro Diving
If ‘size doesn’t matter’ then macro is major for you. Talking about size, macro is an adjective to describe large scale, however in diving it refers to diving with tiny creatures. The term macro diving may have stemmed from capturing images of these incredibly beautiful and unusual minuscule marine animals. Macro photography is where the subject is rendered at or greater than 1:1 on the sensor. When the image is printed, the subject appears much larger than it does in real life. The majority of marco divers will have their digital cameras at hand. Experienced dive masters will know the dive sites and will be able to lead you directly to the critters ‘homes’. Here you can wait patiently to get that perfect shot.

Where are the best locations for you to experience macro?
Macro diving offers you a myriad of dive sites to explore. Generally these dive sites are in shallower areas that reduce the dangers posed by large reef predators. Here the juveniles can grow into adults and other creatures dominate the food chain. The sea conditions are usually calm and are protected from strong currents and swells. Tiny critters’ abodes may be the pillings of super structures such as the resort oil rig off Mabul Island, the shallow flats off Indonesia’s Lembeh Strait or Belize’s impressive reef and 3 atolls.

It would be impossible to mention even a fraction of the incredible macro species in this post. A few of our favourites are: the leafy sea dragon with lobes of skin that make it appear like a piece of floating seaweed, the ‘walking’ unattractive yet captivating frogfish and the jewels of the ocean, nudibranchs.

Macro marine creatures are of lesser stature, but no less fascinating. In short their unusual characteristics and the variety of macro species indeed make them major must see creatures, despite their diminutive size. Once you have experienced macro diving, you too will be a convert.

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