4 Amazing Dive Destinations for a Wellness Retreat 

Scuba diving is more than an exhilarating adventure—it’s a path to wellness, offering profound health benefits. According to research from the National Library of Medicine, diving is a stress-reliever that promotes mental health, marrying the thrill of exploration with the tranquility of a therapeutic escape. Whatismore, integrating diving with wellness practices like yoga, massage, breathing exercises, and meditation can greatly boost physical health, mental clarity, and respiratory function. To maximize these benefits–seek out premier dive spots around the world that offer a mix of underwater exploration and on-land wellness retreats. Let’s dive into the top destinations for a rejuvenating wellness escape.

Bali, Indonesia

Imagine waking up in a resort to practice yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises. Then after a healthy breakfast, you and your travel buddies or guide head to the best underwater paradise in the world. That’s what a trip to Bali offers. A mix of underwater adventure and relaxation in a peaceful natural environment outside the sea.

During your vacation, you can dive in Bali’s best dive spots like in Tulamben, where you can take a wreck dive to see the famous USAT Liberty shipwreck. Alternatively, you could go muck diving at Seraya Secrets or swim with manta rays, whale sharks, and ocean sunfish at Nusa Penida, South Bali. If the sightings of exotic marine life like mimic octopuses excite you, you will enjoy scuba diving at Puri Jati.

Given Bali wellness centers prioritize holistic healing and wellness practices personalized to your specific needs, you can expect to receive a variety of health practices that promote balance and harmony. For instance, after scuba diving, you can practice yoga or meditation in a natural, serene environment or swim in an infinity pool facing the beach. You may also get a whole body massage and enjoy healthy cuisine. 

Oahu, Hawaii

Scuba diving – Francisco Jesus Navarro Hernandez, Unsplash

What makes Oahu an excellent diving and wellness destination? Like many islands in Hawaii, Oahu’s natural beauty, tropical climate, peaceful essence, and friendly locals make it an ideal wellness getaway. Not to mention, there are over 40 dive sites with clear waters that let you see an array of color and wonder. Under Oahu’s best dive spots, you’ll find vibrant tropical fish, prehistoric-looking corals, slow-moving sea turtles, and slack-jawed moray eels.

What’s more interesting is that you can find your way into a world-class resort for the best luxury spa treatments after exploring the sea. A perfect example of the best places for spa treatments in Oahu is Paradise Massages Waikiki and Spa. This spa is located in the Waikiki shopping plaza and is famous for its attentive spa services. For example, you and your partner can get the 90-minute couple massage package that entails a full body massage and facials. Moreover, the spa is easily accessible before and after a wreck dive at USS YO-257.

If you plan to scuba dive at Turtle Canyon or other dive spots around Honolulu make sure to visit Honolulu Spa and Wellness. This spa facility offers advanced facial treatments such as microneedling, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. Other wellness centers you can visit after scuba diving are Moana Lani Spa in Waikiki, Laniwai Spa at Aulani, and Nalu Kinetic Spa located in Turtle Bay Resort. 


It’s natural to wonder why a wellness retreat in Fiji should be on your travel list. Anyone who’s been to Fiji will tell you it’s a haven for relaxing and an incredible diving experience. The white sandy beaches, tranquil surroundings, and stunning undersea marine life help you unwind.

There are also wellness dive resorts in this tropical island paradise that allow you to scuba dive, practice yoga, get a deep massage, and have a relaxing bath in hot springs. For example, in the Six Senses resort in Mamanuca Islands, you will receive expert wellness advice and personalized treatments like nutritional planning and sleep programs. These spa treatments make an excellent accompaniment for underwater diving. At other resorts, you can soak in aromatherapy pools, get a massage and facials, and do yoga. 


When people search for the best travel destinations, Maldives is always at the top of the list. Why? People love Maldives for its overwater bungalows that make your stay memorable. The clear waters and brilliant marine life make underwater exploration exciting. For anyone who wants a perfect blend of underwater exploration and relaxation, Maldives is the place. Plus, many resorts offer spa treatments customized to fit your health needs. Some of the spa treatments you can expect in Maldives dive resorts include massage therapy, facials, yoga, and meditation. Whether you book accommodation at popular resorts like Kuredu, Bandos Maldives, Vilamendhoo Island Resort and Spa at Ari Atoll, or lesser-known hotels,  you can be sure of receiving wellness packages a few steps from your room. 

Combining diving and yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and breathing exercises might sound odd. However, it’s the best thing you can do to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health. You can even turn your love for deep waters and wellness into a memorable vacation by planning a trip to the best dive spots. To enjoy a perfect balance of scuba diving and wellness retreats, consider adding Fiji, Bali, Oahu in Hawaii, and the Maldives to your bucket list. These popular dive destinations offer a mix of wellness activities that enhance your overall well being. 

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Published 1 Dec 2023