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All divers have their own favourite marine creatures. For some, diving with sharks and huge schools of fish is the ultimate; others long to dive with manta rays; underwater photographers go on macro diving holidays to seek out seahorses, flamboyant cuttlefish and other incredible macro wonders.

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Whatever your dream encounter, one thing is certain: a little prior knowledge can improve your enjoyment of a scuba diving trip immensely.

To swim next to a huge school of hammerheads and appreciate why they school the way they do ... to understand the pulsating chromatophores on the surface of a cuttlefish as it hunts small crustaceans ... to know the results of the parrotfish crunching through mouthfuls of coral ... to see is one thing, but to understand is quite another and adds so much fascination to our experiences.

So have a look at our selection of creature features below. From whale sharks to whip gobies, manta rays to mandarinfish, dolphins to dragonets, read on for more information about the real stars of our underwater scuba world:

Here are some popular land creatures that you may be interested to learn more about, and that you can encounter on some of our most popular diving holidays:

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