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Phuket Dive Humour

"Naw, my wife doesn't dive. She won't go down on anything." - Joe, Australia

Ed: Joe - Sorry mate.

"If my boss knew I went diving on this trip, I would be working in the mailroom when I got back." - Peter, Singapore

Ed: Don't worry Pete, we certainly won't tell. In fact, Dive The World would be happy to cover for you on your next "business trip" as well.

"I tried to tell her that I was going to go diving in Thailand but she wasn't buying it." - Tony, U.S.A.

Ed: Tony - This is a common struggle. NOTE: Next time, buy a Thailand dive book so you have proof that people do come here to dive Phuket.

"I wanted to go on a live aboard to the Similan Islands for 5 days but she had this silly idea that we should spend our holiday having fun with each other." - Mark, Manchester, England

"So, does the water go all the way around this island?" - Tord, Norway

Ed: It should be noted that Tord was someone who would be much more comfortable with a beer in his mouth rather than a regulator.

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