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Dive The World Competition

In this month's issue we have announced the launch of our new website design, which you can see as you read this page. We're pretty pleased with the design but we realise that the most important opinions are those of our customers, not our own. To that end, we'd love to hear from you on what you think of our new web design.

Win over US$ 960!!!

As you may know, Dive The World has a seperate website for each of its destinations. In order to make each of our destination websites uniquely identifiable, we've decided to give each site a unique look, with its very own banner (the 'banner' is the image that runs across the top of each page).

We've had 2 very different image styles designed, and this is where you come in - we'd like you to decide for us, which style to choose!

Please take a look below at the 2 sets of banner styles. Once you've decided which you prefer, just complete the form at the bottom of this page, and send it in to us. Once you've sent us your choice, yur name will be entered into our draw on 31 October 2006.

The lucky winner will be entited to 10% off his/her next purchase with Dive The World. This discount is in addition to any other special offers we may make from time to time. So, on a diving holiday for 2 persons with, say, a liveaboard cruise to Raja Ampat with Adventure Komodo, this prize is worth well over US$ 900!!.

Option A samples

Sample 1 for option A - macro style

Sample 2 for option A - macro style

Sample 3 for option A - macro style

Option B samples

Sample 1 for option B - wide angle style

Sample 2 for option B - wide angle style

Sample 3 for option B - wide angle style

Contact Details...
 Your name   
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Website Banner Style...
    Check 1 style option ...
 Banner    Option A (macro style)    Option B (wide-angle style)

Your website comments...
Privacy Policy:
Dive The World will never sell, rent, barter or otherwise share any of your details with any unconnected third party for any reason, ever!

That's it! Press the 'Send' button once, then wait for your 'thank you' page to display.

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From US$ 117 per day ...



dive resorts

From US$ 110 per day ...



Resort Diving

From US$ 58 per day:

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