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PADI Semi-closed Re-breather Drager Dolphin / Atlantis Specialty Course

PADI Dolphin Re-breather Specialty Course with Dive The World

If novelty and stealth ability sound good to you, then sign up today for PADI's Semi-closed Re-breather Diver Drager Dolphin / Atlantis course!

This diving programme will introduce you to the Drager Dolphin/Atlantis semi-closed re-breather and develop the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to use this system.

The programme reviews the planning, organisation, procedures, potential problems and hazards associated with semi-closed re-breather diving. It specifically focuses on the features, accessories, maintenance and proper use of the Drager Dolphin / Atlantis semi-closed re-breather. To complete this certification, you get to make at least 1 confined water dive and 3 open water training dives.

Becoming more and more popular every day, re-breathers are a big hit in the recreational diving market.

Course Details

Number of Dives: 3

Duration: 2 days

Price: Courses price list

Location: This programme is available at our 5 Star Dive Centre in Phuket, Thailand.

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