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Wakatobi Diving Holidays

Travel and Tourist Information

Beach scene in Wakatobi, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Wakatobi is a collection of small islands in the Banda Sea, south east of the mainland of Sulawesi. The main islands of WAngi, KAledupa, TOmea, BInongki have some superb reefs that are supported and protected by the local communities. Jacques Cousteau was sufficiently moved to claim this area as possibly the finest dive site in the world.

With very little in the way of infrastructure in this remote part of the world, you'll enjoy the peace and solitude that this paradise archipelago provides. You can relax on the sun deck, chatting about the days diving, content in the knowledge that you are far from marauding hordes of tourists.

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How to Get There

If you are going diving in Wakatobi you will be transported directly there by the operator's own charter plane from Bali.

For information on how to get to Bali, please visit our Bali travel information section.

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January and February normally sees the wet season here. Located just south of the equator, Wakatobi has an even, tropical climate with temperatures around 32°C all year round.

We recommend visiting from March to December - it's the Wakatobi high season (most busy around April/May and September/November) during which the diving is consistently good. November to April is the best time for spotting pilot whales. During the first and last months of the season you may find yourself in a refreshing shower but this does not greatly affect the diving. In the summer months the surface tends to be a little choppier due to coral spawning which is evidence that there are things going on beneath the waves.

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Sightseeing and Adventure

Sunset at Wakatobi

If you want more to do above water you can visit a genuine sea gypsy village. Here you can sample their totally different lifestyle and check out the products of the local iron-making industry - beautiful traditional knives known as 'keris'. No pre-fab tourist attractions here, just locals going about their business and breaking into wide, toothy grins when people from distant lands show an interest in their lives. Other traditional manufacturing going on includes sarong weaving and dugout boat building.

You can also go on treks through some of the remote villages of Wakatobi with curious, welcoming village-folk, unaccustomed to and enthused by, the sight of foreigners. It is fair to say that unlike some places, you certainly won't hear of any begging or calls of "transport transport!" or "handsome man!" You can end your treks by plunging into the clear, cooling waters of freshwater caverns. This is one of those priceless travel moments we all long for, to be far from the crowd and at one with nature.

The resort also offers some sporting activities for the energetic, with beach volleyball, badminton and snorkelling.

Of course, as most visitors come through Bali, there is no shortage of things to do there, and it is quite easy to plan to visit both places in 1 visit.

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