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About Us

So who are we? To put a face to the names behind Dive The World and what we value, see how your booking can help worthwhile charitable causes, and who our award-winning tour operators are ...

Your Diving Buddies

When you contact us you get to communicate with an experienced diver with many years of experience in organising vacations, just like the one you want. Here we introduce ourselves so you can put a name to the face.

Like you, we are all enthusiastic about diving and the underwater environment but we also realise that your valuable vacation time should be as much fun as possible. Therefore we take the time and hassle out of finding you the best value scuba tours available.

Dive Buddy (in alphabetical order):

Erica Espinosa

Nationality: Mexican

Erica Espinosa - Dive The World Contributor

Dive The World position: Contributor.

Bio data: Erica has worked in the diving industry but does not dive as much as she did in her younger days. mostly due to eardrum issues. She has dived all over her native Mexico in places like Socorro, the Sea of Cortez, Cancun and the Cenotes, so we shouldn't feel too sorry for her. These days she is chained to her desk like everybody else. Erica channels her energies into marine conservation projects near her home, including frequent beach clean-ups and organising clean-up dives in an effort to minimise the effect of marine trash on the local reefs.

Language skills: Spanish, English.

Gavin Macaulay

Nationality: Born UK, though likes to think he comes from Ireland

Gavin Macaulay, Contributor

Dive The World position: Contributor.

Bio data: Gavin is a devoutly warm-weather recreational diver who, having done his open water in Australia in 1996, has since dived all over Asia as well as in Europe, the Red Sea, Fiji, Palau, Cocos, Galapagos, South Africa and one cold weekend in Northern Ireland. A qualified PADI Divemaster, he is proud never to have worked a day as a DM, preferring to dive for fun. Has worked in the dive industry for nearly 20 years. When he is not travelling around the world for Dive The World he lives in Malaysia.

Language skills: English, French - fluent once, now not so, Spanish - again peaked at schoolboy level. Currently getting to grips with Bahasa Malaysia.

Jessica Yew

Nationality: Singapore

Jessica Yew - Dive The World Contributor

Dive The World position: Contributor.

Bio data: Jessica is quite new to the world of diving having been certified only in 2012 (in Bali). However she has been making up for lost time ever since. So far she has dived in Komodo, North Sulawesi, Bali, Sipadan, Mabul, Tioman island, and the Similans. She is looking forward to continuing her underwater education in Asia and beyond, and to visiting and diving in the Galapagos one day ('my dream vacation') to follow in the footsteps of her hero Charles Darwin.

Language skills: Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), English and some Bahasa Malaysia.


Dive The World's Finance Manager, Jim

Nationality: British

Dive The World position: Jim is our finance and accounts guy. He number crunches our spreadsheets and creates our financial reports. He also makes sure we keep track of your payments so we can confirm those bookings as soon as possible.

Bio data: Jim comes from a computer programming background. After many years in the UK IT industry, he found his way to Dive The World. When he is not in front of a computer, Jim enjoys travelling, playing golf, spending time with his family, and is an occasional leisure diver. He also enjoys his sport, especially football and he still manages to play occasionally, although he's a lot slower than he used to be.

Language skills: English and passable Thai (and forgotten more computer languages than he cares to remember).


Johnny, being a boss at Sipadan

Nationality: American

Dive The World position: Marketing and UX.

Bio data: Johnny was born in San Francisco and started diving in 2007 in the warm waters of Phuket, Thailand. Since then he has worked as both a scuba instructor and a divemaster all around the world racking up close to 1,000 dives. He's been diving in Borneo, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Komodo, the Caribbean and Miami and, just like the rest of the marketing team, is a warm water only diver.

Language skills: English

Martin R. Probert

Martin Probert - Dive The World Contributor

Nationality: USAn

Dive The World position: Contributor.

Bio data: Marty has been diving since 2004 when he first slipped below the waves in Florida at the age of 16. Since then he has travelled extensively in Latin America, diving in Hawaii, Belize, Mexico, Roatan, Bonaire and Saba & St Kitts. So far he has only ventured as far east as the Red Sea. However, he is looking forward to diving in South East Asia and seeing if the Coral Triangle is as good as the rest of us insist!

Language skills: 'Murican English, some Spanish.

Philippa (Pip)

Nationality: Australian

Pip, Dive The World Dream Team Travel Consultant, Phuket

Dive The World position: Pip is one of our expert travel consultants. She can help you with your inquiries regarding Australia, Thailand and Fiji.

Bio data: Pip went backpacking around Thailand in 1997 and loved the friendly people and warm weather so much that she decided to stay. Her mum still wonders where she's got to. She has been working in the industry and organising dive tours for more than 10 years and has spent her time in Phi Phi Island and on Phuket. Now is very happy to call Dive The World home. Being a hippy at heart, she will be out saving the planet if she is not answering your inquiries.

Language skills: Aussie mate and some very bad Thai.

Ryan Ladstatter

Nationality: Austrian

Ryan Ladstatter - Dive The World Contributor

Dive The World position: Contributor.

Bio data: Vienna boy Ryan spends more time at his computer coding than he does diving but he is striving to redress this life-work imbalance. Ryan has never worked professionally as a diver but has spent more than the average person on certification cards (many of them pointless!). He is currently looking forward to building on his diving experience in South East Asia, with the Banda Sea and Cenderawasih Bay high on his bucket list. Another target he has is never again to dive in a cold lake in Europe amid the wrecks of bicycles and shopping trolleys.

Language skills: English, German, un peu de French.

Sarah Hearn

Nationality: English

Sarah Hearn - Dive The World Contributor

Dive The World position: Contributor.

Bio data: Previously involved with marketing in financial services, Sally grew tired of the rat race. She completed her PADI Open Water Diver Course in 2010 and is now a Rescue Diver. A keen underwater photographer. Sally has been a yoga teacher and complimentary therapist for 19 years. She is passionate about marine conservation and animal welfare issues. Loves travelling and has done quite a bit worldwide, especially through her own tour company running small private yoga tours and retreats. Spent a lot of time in SE Asia.

Language skills: English and Spanish.

Sebastian Reyes Fontalvo

Nationality: Colombian

Sebastian Reyes Fontalvo - Dive The World Contributor

Dive The World position: Contributor.

Bio data: Sebastian (Seba) is an enthusiastic young diver from Colombia. He has spent a lot of time underwater in his own country working as an instructor for a few years and has just begun to sample the underwater world further afield. He has also dived in Costa Rica and Panama and is planning to hit the big names of Mexico and Galapagos soon. He loves to teach diving and both learn about marine conservation and help educate others. He cannot wait for his young son Ernesto to be old enough to dive so he can share with him his underwater passions.

Language skills: Spanish, Ingles.

Sheldon Hey

Nationality: Born UK, though permanent resident of South Africa

Sheldon Hey, Dive The World General Manager, at home in Umkomaas, South Africa

Dive The World position: The founder and inspiration behind the Dive The World concept. Some people get the impression that Sheldon lives the life of Riley, jetting off to all corners of the globe to visit our destinations on familiarisation visits and attending the occasional company meeting. However, we believe he makes a valuable contribution.

Bio data: Sheldon qualified as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer - which means he's wasted more money than most on PADI cards. Diving in northern and southern Africa, South East Asia, Central America and the Pacific, his passions are for adventure, adrenaline, (very amateur) underwater photography, animal and environmental issues. Having dived with great whites, tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks and Zambezis, as well as mandarinfish, blue-ringed octopus and pygmy seahorses, he enjoys the big, the bad and the ugly, as well as the minute and magnificent. "I feel it's important that those with a passion for marine conversation do try all they can to protect that environment. After all, we can't expect it from others that are not interested or don't know to do anything about it".

Language skills: English, Spanish, and all the Thai he would ever want to speak. Also html and java script (written, not spoken).

Vichai Lamkijja (Vic)

Vichai Lamkijja, Dive The World Dream Team Travel Consultant, Phuket - Thailand

Nationality: Thai

Dive The World position: Vichai is one of our expert travel consultants and is also our Database Administrator.

Bio data: Vic was born in Thailand but he grew up in Singapore. He is most of the time mistaken by people as Japanese or Korean. He fell in love with diving when he was on a snorkeling trip in Malaysia and decided to go for the Open Water Diver course instead. His love for scuba and spicy Thai food (which he never gets enough of) grew stronger after a few trips to Phuket and the Similan Islands in 2005. This is where he decided to quit his job in Singapore and settle down in Phuket as a PADI Open Water Instructor. If he is not assisting you with your inquiries you will certainly see him decorating his house or planning his next diving trip.

Language skills: English, Thai (spoken only) and Mandarin, plus a few Chinese dialects.

ScubaZoo - Official Image Supplier

The ScubaZoo Team

SCUBAZOO is a team of professional underwater cameramen based in Sabah, Malaysia. They have filmed and photographed marine life throughout the world, particularly in South East Asia.

Their photographic work has featured widely in various diving magazines and publications and can be enjoyed in their own book: 'SIPADAN, MABUL, KAPALAI - SABAH'S UNDERWATER TREASURE. Their underwater film work has including projects with the National Geographic, BBC and Discovery Channel. Many of the images featured on the Dive The World websites have been kindly supplied by Scubazoo.

If you want to know more about Scubazoo or to take an underwater photography / videography course under their expert guidance, please visit their website at www.scubazoo.comOpens in a new window.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

We know the places we promote and the operators that will take you diving there, so we are confident that we can help you find what you are looking for. Our knowledge, experience and impartiality can help take all the hassles out of your holiday planning and you can avoid the disaster of ending up in the hands of some sub-standard company, ruining what should have been a dream dive vacation.

But don't take our word for it. We have helped thousands of people book diving vacations that were perfect for them. Read what they have to say on our customer testimonials page.

Our Annual Dive Operator Awards

Dive The World Annual Liveaboard of the Year Award

Dive The World Annual Dive Resort of the Year Award

Dive The World's Annual Awards: Each year we present a special award in recognition of outstanding service to our customers. These awards are the result of many comments from our customers all over the world about all aspects of their travel experience, from accommodation to food, diving safety to staff service.

We listen to your feedback and communicate with the dive operators that we promote in order to ensure they are providing you with the best service they can. So you can be sure that recipients of these awards have exceeded your expectations and received positive reviews from many scuba divers just like you.












Our Chosen Charities

By booking with us, you are helping us donate to charitable causes that help protect the marine environment (see our Why book with Dive The World page for more details).

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... I thought your service was great. Very friendly and you come off as very honest (something I don't feel I see enough of online any more) ... -- , New Zealand.  [More customer reviews]

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