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The Best Liveaboard Boats

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Looking to venture to the far flung corners of the underwater world to explore the world's top dive destinations? Seeking the best value liveaboard boats and diving cruises around? You have found them!

Use our worldwide liveaboard search feature in the sidebar of our website, browse our calendar of departures, or click below to find out more about the tours in these destinations:

Many of these destinations are explored by the famous Aggressor fleet of liveaboards. You can find all dive boat schedules, prices and trip information through our search feature - the most extensive liveaboard departure information you will find anywhere! Most of our customers use this feature to find the boats they are looking for.

Our diving cruises are categorised by price so you can quickly identify what is best for you, whether it's great value deals for the cost-conscious or top-of-the-range deluxe dive charters. You can also see last minute special offers (grab them while they last!) and early bird discounts, if you are planning in advance. We only promote those liveaboards that we know can give you good service and value-for-money - we have many years of first-hand experience!

Dive The World is the No. 1 online authority on dive travel and we have helped many thousands of divers just like you since 2002. We know these destinations and dive safari boats well. We have the most extensive range of staff trip reports available - over 100 warts and all first-hand accounts of our diving experiences worldwide. When you book with us you can be sure you will get reliable advice and recommendations... and the liveaboard choice that is right for you. Why take the risk of booking elsewhere? Stick with the experts.

Introducing Our Liveaboard Trip Options

Map of the world (click to enlarge in a new window)

Liveaboard boats allow you to tour the world's best scuba locations without the need to endure long boat rides. You can explore remote sites without the hassle of other divers, or slip into the calm morning sea at popular locations before the day-trippers get there.

Use our world map to find out where we offer diving vacations. Or find the best diving safari for yourself in one of our top destinations below ...


Stretching over 2,600 km and comprising roughly 900 islands and nearly 3,000 individual reefs, spread out over more than 340,000 km², you won't find many to argue with you if want to call the Great Barrier Reef "diving heaven". With substantial distances between the shore and the dive sites, Australian liveaboards are the only way to experience the pick of the Great Barrier Reef.

From the pinnacle of luxury to the best value for money, how you choose to spend your time between diving pristine coral, witnessing frenzied shark feeds or feeding giant cod by hand, is entirely up to you. The Great Barrier Reef, blessed with year-round warm water and favourable sea conditions, is the perfect scuba destination, no matter where you fly in from or when you want to go ... More information on: Diving in Australia.

The Bahamas

During your 1-2 week Bahamas liveaboard tour you will encounter many species of turtles, eagle rays, seahorses, dolphins and sharks in large numbers, including the legendary tiger sharks of Grand Bahama, and the great hammerheads and bull sharks of Bimini. There are spectacular walls, intact wrecks, thriving coral reefs and pinnacles. Routes include the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park - one of the world's most successful marine parks with its waters being full of life - Nassau, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama and Bimini ... More information on: Diving in Bahamas.


Boasting one of the Caribbean's finest range of dive sites, a huge barrier reef, excellent visibility, tropical islands and remote atolls, Belize is a dream liveaboard destination. The longest stretch of barrier reef in the western hemisphere is home to a variety of sites where life proliferates. You can expect atolls with sites like the famous Blue Hole and drop-offs where big pelagics lurk in the open ocean. With dive sites spread far apart like this, liveaboard charters are the ideal choice to see all that this destination has to offer. To taste the Caribbean at its best, believe in Belize ... More information on: Diving in Belize.

British Virgin Islands

There are over 50 islands and cays to explore on these 1 week cruises in one of the Caribbean’s top wreck diving destinations, all year round. Enjoy one of the top shipwreck in the world, as well as beautiful coral gardens, seamounts, caverns, canyons and boulder formations. Marine life includes barracuda, turtles. eagle rays, southern stingrays, nurse sharks. jacks, African pompano, cobia and tarpon.

Cayman Islands

Week long dive tours of one of the Caribbean’s top scuba destinations, all year round. Come and explore the steep walls, the enchanting ship wrecks and colourful coral gardens of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The islands are quite far apart so a dive cruise is the best option ... More information on: Diving in the Cayman Islands.


A mere speck in the Pacific Ocean is the oasis of life called Cocos Island. Part of Costa Rica, this little gem is surrounded by a phenomenal amount and variety of marine life. If you are fortunate enough to ever dive here you will witness awe-inspiring schools of hammerhead sharks, various species of rays, silvertip and blacktip sharks and a dazzling parade of reef fish. Cocos Island is remote, uninhabited and largely untouched. In our crowded world, only remote sites like Cocos can present such pristine conditions. If you have dived in various other places and feel you have earned your stripes, then maybe it is time to take on the big one ... More information on: Diving in Cocos.


Located in the Gulf of Aden, at the entrance to the Red Sea, Djibouti has a diverse marine ecosystem. Currents from the Indian Ocean attract large marine animals such as whales, manta rays and dolphins. It’s also very common to see large schools of barracudas, stingrays, grey reef and nurse sharks, and groupers. The Seven Brothers archipelago has relatively untouched soft and hard coral reefs, amazing drop offs and ship wrecks. The region is best known for its numerous whale sharks, which are especially common from mid-October to February.

Dominican Republic

The Silver Bank is a marine sanctuary, north of the Dominican Republic which provides a safe wintering haven for the entire North Atlantic Humpback Whale population. They gather there from January through April by the thousand to court, mate, calve, and rear their young. The banks offer safety and protection to females and their calves until the young are strong enough to make the trip back to the north eastern U.S. coast. This sanctuary is one of 3 places in the world where humans can swim and snorkel among the whales on week-long cruises between January and April each year.


For many the only way to see the best diving in Fiji is from the comfort of one of the excellent boats that explore the Koro Sea and Bligh Water. You can choose a short adventure cruise (including diving and much more) or luxury liveaboard diving charters for a week or more. You will never forget the beautiful scenery above and below water, nor the wonderful Fijian hospitality during your South Pacific adventure ... More information on: Diving in Fiji.


No tour will capture the imagination or has as much historical significance as one to the Galapagos Islands. Remote and unspoilt volcanic islands rise from the depths to provide home to a dizzying assortment of life in the sea, on land and in the air. A week long cruise around the finest diving and snorkelling sites of the Galapagos is something of a privilege, even for the most experienced scuba diver. Unforgettable natural beauty awaits you here where bio-diversity and endemism abound. A trip of a lifetime promises fascinating land visits and incredible underwater encounters, liberally sprinkled with pioneering atmosphere ... More information on: Diving in Galapagos.


Roatan and Utila represent the best of Honduras in terms of scuba diving. Whale shark encounters, bottlenose dolphins and Caribbean reef sharks, fascinating wrecks, mesmerising macro life; something for everyone. Forget about booking complicated resort itineraries across multiple islands, simply join a one week safari and enjoy it all from the comfort of your onboard liveaboard cabin ... More information on: Diving in Honduras.


A dive charter among the richest and most bio-diverse regions on earth must be the best way to explore Indonesia. The Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat and Banda Islands trips aboard luxury boats will see you enjoying peace, comfort and the wonders of nature, above and below the waves. Combine your safari with an excursion on land to see the famed Komodo dragons. Expeditions in Sulawesi offer the chance to sample the full range of the incredible diversity found in the waters surrounding this amazing island ... More information on: Diving in Indonesia.


Sitting at the heart of south-east Asia, Malaysia has some excellent destinations which present wonderful scuba diving opportunities. You can join short trips to visit the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia or tour around the South China Sea and dive at renowned places like Layang Layang. There is even a cruise boat at the legendary Sipadan, which is a great option for maximising your time underwater at this little gem of an island ... More information on: Diving in Malaysia.

The Maldives

With over 1,000 islands and 26 coral atolls spread over this vast and remote corner of the Indian Ocean, a 1 week diving cruise is surely the best way to explore this tropical region, famous for its big schools of fish. Boats range from 5 star luxury to the surprisingly affordable, in this archetypal dive safari destination ... More information on: Diving in the Maldives.

Marshall Islands

The infamous nuclear test site from the 1950s, Bikini Atoll, is now open to tech-divers on 1-2 week charters. This far flung corner of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean is a unique diving paradise. With its staggering collection of battleships, cruisers, aircraft carriers and submarines, Bikini is quite possibly the number one wreck diving destination on the planet. Not only this, but its isolation over the past 70 years have created a breath-taking marine world with superb coral reefs and plenty of marine life.


Pacific diving in Mexico is for those who love the big stuff! Sharks, whales, manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions ... scuba logs here read like a "Who's who" of marine mega fauna. World famous sites like the Socorro Islands are considered Mexico's version of Galapagos, with many even considering it superior! Guadalupe Island, with its clear water, is among the world's premier great white shark cage diving destinations where life long memories are made. The Sea of Cortez was described by Cousteau as the 'Aquarium of the World' ... More information on: Diving in Mexico.


Diving charters to Burma Banks and in the Mergui Archipelago are voyages of discovery. There are now quite a range of price options for liveaboard boats in Burma. The promise of sharks and manta rays is high in the minds of visitors but perhaps the true romance of diving here lies in the solitude and spirit of adventure that cruising around these remote islands engenders ... More information on: Diving in Burma.


This collection of small islands in the Pacific Ocean represents one of the best liveaboard charter destinations on Earth. Here you can expect a lot of sharks and meaty pelagics hanging in the currents, manta rays galore at cleaning stations, WWII wrecks and pristine reefs. Such density of marine life coupled with often incredible visibility make Palau a wide-angled photography paradise. You will learn about Palau's fascinating war history and get the experience the bizarre thrill of snorkelling in the world-famous and sting-free Jellyfish Lake ... More information on: Diving in Palau.

The Philippines

The Philippines has a rich and varied underwater world and a range of diving cruises to match. The most sought-after are the week long liveaboard safaris out to Tubbataha in the Sulu Sea from March to June, or the 10-12 night transit trips that visit here and the Central Visayas. The Visayas are a major attraction themselves and you can dive here on 6-12 night tours to encounter thresher and whale sharks, and possibly hammerheads and huge schools of reef fish. Elsewhere you can explore the amazing macro life in Anilao and Mimaropa on 6 or 7 night tours, or join a short tour of the incredible world class wrecks of Coron and the fast paced action at Apo Reef... More information on: Diving in the Philippines.

The Red Sea

Sparkling amidst the surrounding deserts is the extraordinary expanse of water that is the Red Sea, with its vast natural riches, many of them endemic, making it a popular place for all grades of scuba diver. The southern Red Sea has some of the most amazing diving in the region and there many routes to choose from - Brothers, Elphinstone, Daedalus, St. John's. With many incredible wrecks such as the world-famous Thistlegorm, and legendary sites like Ras Mohammed, the Sinai Peninsula is a region that many liveaboards explore all year round. ... More information on: Diving in Egypt.

Saba and St. Kitts

The northeast Caribbean offers a unique 1 week cruise that includes diving in 2 countries and the opportunity to visit 3 islands (Saba, St. Kitts and St. Maarten)! The weather, water temperatures and visibility are remarkably consistent year round and are amenable to comfortable recreational diving. This is the ideal destination to experience a variety of dive sites and marine life. These include, walls, wrecks and unusual geological structures such as underwater lava flows. You can expect to see schools of blue tangs, goatfish, parrotfish, Nassau grouper, horse-eye jacks, turtles, and of course sharks - the most frequent being nurse, black-tip and grey reef sharks ... More information on: Diving in Saba and Diving in St Kitts.

Solomon Islands

Off the beaten track yet only a short flight from Australia, if you’re serious about exploring a little visited region of the most bio-diverse marine region of Earth, then the Solomon Islands has to be for you. Join these 1-2 week charters, diving World War 2 wrecks, reefs, lagoons, caverns and walls, encountering sharks, mantas and huge shoals of fish, not forgetting its wondrous macro creatures. There are also occasional transit trips to Papua New Guinea that are hugely in demand so plan early! ... More information on: Diving in the Solomon Islands.


For some time boat trips up the west coast of Thailand have been considered one of the best dive vacations available, and with good cause. They are unrivalled in terms of value-for-money, and cruising around the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock is a must-do for any semi-serious diver, as the beauty of the sites is matched only by the warmth and hospitality of the Thais ... More information on: Diving in Thailand.


7-10 night tours of this world famous World War II wreck destination. Over 60 Japanese wrecks are packed in to the lagoon, from cargo vessels to airplanes and a submarine. You will find many historical artefacts as well as war paraphernalia, including aircraft wings, tanks, trucks, guns, torpedo shells, gas masks and ammunition. The wrecks are covered in coral and the lagoon itself is surrounded by a reef with pinnacles and channels where reef sharks and pelagic fish roam.

Turks and Caicos Islands

7 and 10 dive charters of Providenciales, West Caicos and French Cay. This Caribbean nation is one of the hot spots for shark encounters - nurse, hammerhead, Caribbean reef and tiger sharks. Other great reasons to visit include the excellent visibility, vibrant reefs, some of the deepest walls in the Caribbean, and seasonal humpback whales. Despite the depth of the walls, these safaris are suitable for divers of all experience levels ... More information on: Diving in the Turks & Caicos.

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