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At Dive The World, we all have our own favourite marine creatures and we know you have too! For some, diving with sharks and huge schools of fish is the ultimate; others long to dive with manta rays; underwater photographers go on macro diving trips to seek out seahorses, flamboyant cuttlefish and other incredible macro wonders.

Leafy / Weedy Seadragon - South Australia scuba diving trips

Whatever your dream underwater encounter, one thing is certain: a little prior knowledge can improve your enjoyment of a scuba diving trip immensely. Dive The World is the No. 1 authority on scuba diving vacations. It is also the best online resource for fascinating information on your favourite marine creatures and where you can dive with them.

Why do hammerheads swim the way they do? Why do the chromatophores on a cuttlefish pulsate? What is the result of parrotfish crunching through coral? Which marine creature’s mouth inspired the movie character ‘Alien’? Which is the heaviest bony fish in the ocean? Which is the smallest 'great whale' in the ocean? Which fish has the fastest 'gape and suck' action in the sea for swallowing prey? Find out this and more. Knowledge is power and we give it to you…for free!.

We dive all over the world and gather information from our trips. So have a look at our selection of creature features below. From whale sharks to wobbegongs, manta rays to mandarinfish, sea lions to seahorses, , read on for more information about the real stars of our underwater scuba world:

Here are some popular land creatures that you may be interested to learn more about, and that you can encounter at some of our most popular diving destinations:

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