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Pacific Master

Pacific Master

Pacific Master
From USD 407 per day
99 ft
Max 18
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  • Bikini Atoll tech diving cruises
  • World class wrecks
  • Underwater scooter rental
  • Cabins with private en-suite bathrooms
  • Steel hulled yacht

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Mention the word ‘bikini’ and one thing probably springs to mind. We cannot promise you any skimpy swimwear but we can offer you an incredible liveaboard tour of Bikini Atoll. Bikini is famous for more than revealing beachwear; this far flung corner of Micronesia is now also renowned as simply the best wreck diving destination in the world.

The Marshall Islands were once infamous as the USA performed secretive nuclear tests after the end of the Second World War. They assembled a huge fleet of ships, planes and submarines, and practised blowing them to smithereens with ever greater force. The tests ended some 50 years ago and now these great vessels, once the pinnacle of military advancement and accomplishment, lie in peace on the seabed at Bikini Atoll. Beware though: most of the wrecks lie at depths beyond recreational limits so these liveaboard cruises to Bikini Atoll are for technical divers only. Now isn’t that a great reason to go get that next level of certification?

At 30m long and built of steel, the M/Y Pacific Master operates expeditions of 10-14 nights for up to 18 divers in 2-share and single cabins, most with private en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning. There is a large lounge with a dining area, DVD players and large TVs. Read a book from the onboard library, or just chill out in air conditioned comfort. If you prefer to be outside in the sunshine, there is a large sun deck complete with loungers, and an expansive covered seating area on the main deck where you can just sit back and soak in the views of the tiny emerald green droplets of land in the huge expanse of Pacific Ocean that are the Marshall Islands.

As a technical diving boat, the vessel is set up with a deco bar with a 80/40 cu.ft. deco stage, manifold twin tanks, oxygen and helium. Due to the logistical problems, trimix is only available to rebreather divers. A booster pump is available for closed-circuit rebreathers, and sofno-lime scrubber can be ordered in advance. The oxygen generator can deliver 93% pure oxygen (+/-3%). All dives are made direct from the liveaboard, but there are also 2 motorised tenders available to provide additional support.

For guest safety, there is a defibrillator onboard. Dive equipment is set up and stored on the main deck. All divers are allocated a personal station, with plenty of storage space for all your tec-equipment. There is a central table can be used to leave prepared equipment ahead of the dive, with dedicated rinse tanks provided. There is also a camera room with drawers for storage of equipment/spares. There are on-deck shower hoses to rinse off between dives and a public head on the starboard side.

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Dive experience: The Bikini wrecks are at an average depth of 50m and suitable for technical divers only. All divers must be a minimum of PADI Tec 50 or equivalent, with wreck experience. The following certifications are also recommended: TDI - Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures, IANTD - Tech Nitrox, NAUI - Tech Nitrox and Deco Techniques, ANDI - Technical Nitrox. Closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) divers need to be minimum normoxic trimix certified.
Due to the very remote location, divers are recommended to complete a 10 minute 3-6m safety stop every dive in addition to the standard decompression stops. There is a minimum 4 hour surface interval between all dives. Wreck penetration is not allowed without a dive guide.

Cruise price per person includes: Cabin accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinking water, hot drinks, soft drinks, dives (as detailed in the trips above), 3 experienced dive team members, deco-bar, weights and weightbelts, all taxes.

Cruise price per person excludes (mandatory, unless customer provides own): Scuba equipment rental (see below, must be pre-booked), port and park fees (10-11 nights - US$ 500, 13-14 nights - US$ 600), appropriate diving and evacuation insurance. Unless otherwise stated, all the listed items need to be paid on arrival (cash USD or credit card).
Scuba equipment - 2 methods of buoyancy (redundant bladder/dry suit/lift bag), multi-gas dive computer, back-up dive computer or depth/bottom timer, 2 SMBs (1 orange/red, 1 yellow) with slates, 2 reels/spools (15m and 60m of line), additional dive slate, 2 torches (for wreck penetration).

Optional extras: Alcoholic drinks, additional scuba equipment rental (see below, must be pre-booked). Unless otherwise stated, all the listed items need to be paid on arrival. Note: prices of items purchased onboard are subject to change.
Scuba equipment - backplate, harness and wing capable of carrying manifolded twin 80 cu.ft. aluminium cylinders and at least 1 40 cu.ft. aluminium stage tank, 2 DIN regulator sets (one with long-hose configuration), DIN stage regulator for use with up to 95% oxygen, 3-5 mm full length wetsuit (not available for rent), spare mask.

How to get there: The Pacific Master uses the dock at Ebeye Island for all its Marshall Islands expeditions. All cruises are planned around the scheduled flights to Kwajalein Airport (KWA) from Honolulu (HNL) with United Airlines. It’s 7 hours from HNL to KWA.
Ebeye Island - since Kwajalein Airport is located inside a USA military base, there are some specific arrival and departure formalities. During the flight to the Marshall Islands you will be given a white customs form and a blue immigration form. Your address in the Marshall Islands will be 'M/Y Pacific Master Dive Vessel'. In the 'Visitors Only' section of the immigration form, select 'Other' and write: 'Liveaboard Diving Vessel'. Then you will land and await your luggage. You do not need to complete the paperwork for entry in to the military base. Instead, go to the Marshallese official in the holding area and give them the printed copy of the Master Liveaboards sponsor letter that you received during the booking process along with the 2 immigration and customs forms.
Once the transport to the ferry port is ready, you will be taken to a hangar to retrieve your checked baggage. A shuttle bus will then take passengers from the airport to the ferry terminal (5-10 minute journey) where a military ferry will take you across the short distance (20 minutes) to Ebeye and off from the military base. Once at Ebeye Island, a Pacific Master representative will meet you and transport you by motorised tender to the liveaboard boat.
Boarding times are scheduled around the flights from Honolulu. The boat returns on the penultimate day and disembarkation on the last day is timed around the same flights. All trips are planned to allow at least 18 hours before flying after diving.
Note: all visitors to the Marshall Islands must provide proof of vaccination against measles.

Diving Environment: Bikini Atoll is part of the Marshall Islands, a nation which covers a huge expanse of crystal-clear water in the Pacific Ocean. It is a “one of a kind” diving paradise. Not only does it feature vivid coral reefs and staggering marine life, but it is also possibly the number one wreck dive destination in the world. After the end of World War II, the USA assembled a fleet of decommissioned naval vessels at Bikini Atoll in order to carry out atomic bomb tests. ‘Castle Bravo’ was the biggest man made explosion in history - a 15-megaton hydrogen bomb that was 1,000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima; it left a 2 km crater in the lagoon. These days Bikini Atoll is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has re-opened, allowing divers to experience a unique collection of historic battleships, cruisers, aircraft carriers and submarines. The USS Saratoga is said the be the highlight, with its massive 900 ft/270m flight deck.
There are also some excellent sites near Majuro, including steep walls of Kalalen Pass which is excellent for drift diving, pelagics and encounters with tiger sharks and silvertips, a freighter, a seaplane, and a large military dumpsite at Ejit Island with trucks, jeeps, tug boats, that is perfect for macro dives and underwater photography.
Air temperatures range between 80-84F/27-29°C, all year round, with some rainfall and cooling trade winds in the evenings. Water temperatures are constant at 80-84F/27-29°C too. A 3 or 5 mm full length wetsuit is recommended for wreck penetration and prolonged safety stops.

Non-diver rate: 10% discount on published prices.

Single supplement (if you do not want to share accommodation): There are 4 dedicated standard cabins available on the lower deck for single travellers, although you can reserve an upper deck cabin instead if you prefer. The single supplement is optional - single travelers may choose to share a cabin or pay the supplement of 80% of the normal published price for their own cabin.

Dive clubs and group discounts: Pay for 8 guests and 1 extra person can join in the lowest priced cabin free of charge (total 9+ guests).

Whole boat charter rate (per night): Pay for 16 guests and 2 extra people can join in the lowest priced cabin free of charge.

Cabins, Berths, Showers, Bathrooms...
There are 12 cabins onboard, but only 18 guests are allowed per cruise. On the upper deck there is 1 Premium double bed cabin, 4 Classic cabins with a lower double bunk bed and upper single bed, and 1 Classic twin bunk bed cabin, and all with private bathrooms. The lower deck features 4 Standard single occupancy twin bunk bed cabins, and 2 Standard twin share cabins with 2 sets of bunk beds, that share 5 bathroom facilities on the main deck.

All the cabins have:
  • Air conditioning
  • Private bathroom with hot water shower and hand basin (Classic cabins only)
  • Windows and portholes on upper deck
  • Bath towels and shower gel
  • Bedding
  • Cabinet and shelves
  • Fire warning system
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Life jackets
  • Mains outlet 220V / 50 Hz (Australian style sockets) - 24 hours per day
  • Luggage space
No. of bathrooms / showers - 11 / 11 - hot water

Marshall Islands

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