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Phuket Dive Newsletter

PADI Scuba Diving Courses

Advance Your Dive Skills!

Are you going to spend some of your holiday in Phuket diving? Why not widen your horizons and pick up another certification at the same time. Adventure diving and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver are certifications that expose you to other areas of the diving world.

Kingcruiser Wreck dive, night dive, deep dive or learn navigation or peak performance buoyancy - all these opportunities exist when you're scuba diving in Phuket. Becoming an underwater naturalist will help. Get the most out of your dive by learning about the numerous varieties of wildlife you see. All of these skills will make your diving experiences more enjoyable while helping you to become a better diver. Best of all, you are diving the entire time you learn!

Acquiring these skills generates stories. You can tell your green-with-envy co-workers that you saw a manta ray at Racha Noi, at 30 metres while you were working through your advanced diving certification. This is sure to get those water cooler oohhh's and ahhh's instead of those annoying "How much did you drink in Bangla Road on your holiday?" type of inquiries.

Dive Sooner Than You Think!

Working at a dive shop in a popular holiday destination, we frequently hear statements like, "I don't want to spend my holiday in a classroom learning to dive" and "Diving just takes too long to learn." Well, this is simply not true. In fact, you could be diving in Phuket today! How?

Our PADI Discover Scuba Diving programme will get you diving with a certified instructor today! This is not in a pool either. You will have the pleasure of experiencing and diving Phuket's coral reefs!

If you find that you would like to take your diving interest a little further, the DSD programme earns you credit towards your PADI Open Water Diver certification. The certification allows you to dive anywhere in the world! After a few hours in the pool, you will have the necessary skills to dive the very next morning! We make it fun and easy to learn to dive in Phuket. With your choice of private or group instruction, you can experience some of the most amazing diving that Phuket and the underwater world has to offer.

Need more convincing? Well, it's also fantastic exercise! After a couple of days you'll notice that the pounds are melting off! You didn't even break a sweat! Give it a try and see for yourself!

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... Great! Our instructor was very helpful and to the point. He took the time for repetition I needed help and didn't linger on the sections I already understood ... Yes, extremely friendly and helpful ... The service was great ... -- , Norway.  [More customer reviews]