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Red Sea Holiday Activities - Egypt Overland Safaris

Antiquities Tours: Nile Cruises, Pyramids, Pharoahs, Museums

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The Red Sea may be home to some fantastic diving but Egypt has one of the world's richest cultural heritages.

The country has played a starring role down the ages in the history of the human species, and the country is full of monuments and relics of great significance. To many people, the concept of dividing time between diving in the Red Sea and exploring the antiquities of Egypt, makes for the best holiday imaginable.

For this reason, Dive The World has teamed up with Travel Egypt who have been providing high quality service to visiting tourists since 1985. They specialise in programs involving unforgettable Nile River Cruises, tours of Cairo, Aswan and Luxor's Valley of the Kings, as well as tours in neighbouring countries. More out-of-the-ordinary activities they run include children's tours, bird-watching safaris and special tours for photographers.

Here we give you a flavour of some of the most popular overland attractions of the country. However, there is a great deal of flexibility in what Travel Egypt can offer you so you can seek further details from them at:

Email: Travel Egypt

Nile River Cruises are a popular way to visit many of Egypt's historical sites

Here are some ideas for things to do when visiting Egypt

Classic Egypt Antiquity Tours

The most popular and interesting tours involve a Cairo tour followed by a Nile Cruise through the country to some of the most interesting sights of Aswan, Luxor and even Hurghada. Those ending in Hurghada would be ideal for you if your Red Sea liveaboard or dive daytrips use the port of Hurghada as their starting point.

There are a number of packages to choose from, depending on your particular needs, and they range from 7 nights to 14 nights. There is no better way to drink in all the atmosphere of this ancient land, visiting such famous sites as the Great Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, while travelling in comfort and style.

A range of different Nile River boats are available. They are described as 'floating hotels' and offer excellent facilities and accommodation. In Egypt, a small difference in price can mean a huge difference in quality. Small savings can mean much lower levels of satisfaction. So the options provided by Travel Egypt represent the best value for money, to make your trip unforgettable for all the right reasons.


Partake in a fully guided tour of the National Museum which houses many of the important relics from ancient Egyptian history. Here you can tour around the world's largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities, including many treasures of King Tutankhamen. This includes an optional visit to the Royal Mummy Room, home to 9 royal mummies from pharaoh times including Queen Hatshepsut.

The Cairo tour also features an unforgettable visit to see the Pyramids of Giza (Cheops, Chephren Mycerinus) and the legendary Sphinx - the oldest of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Take unforgettable photographs of all 3 pyramids plus the Great Sphinx, believed to feature the head of the pharaoh Khafra.


Arriving by train to the ancient city of Aswan, the 1st town established in the country's High Dam, which prevents the annual flooding of the Nile and has had a huge impact on the economy, regulating agriculture and producing electricity.

Other highlights for you to enjoy include Aswan's unfinished obelisk (the largest known ancient obelisk) and the island temple of Philae. Aswan is also the starting point for Nile cruises.

Nile River Cruises

From Aswan you can soak up the atmosphere of Egypt on a cruise down the River Nile in one of the excellent floating hotels that operate here. Sights to take in include Elephantine Island, home to an ancient 'Nilometer' and the Aswan Museum. You can also enjoy a stroll around the fabulous Botanical Garden at sunset, home to over 30 varieties of palm and tropical plants from around the world. It also attracts colourful birds, water fowl and egrets.

The next day you can visit the Kom Ombo Temple and its famous ceiling paintings, and the Edfu Temple of Horus, built in the reign of Cleopatra. From here you will cruise on to Luxor.


Known in ancient times as Thebes, Luxor has earned the title "the world's greatest open air museum", as it features the temple complexes of both Karnak and Luxor. Across the Nile are the Necropolis and the Valley of the Kings and Queens.

Such an abundance of places of interest puts Luxor firmly on the tourist map and it is the central focus for most Egyptian antiquities tours.

Other Special Overland Safaris

One option for the nature-lovers is the Birding Tour of Egypt where can spot some of the 430 species of birds, of which around 150 are resident. Many visiting birds from Asia and Europe migrate south in the autumn and return in the spring. This tour operates during peak periods of such activity and is operated in conjunction with Conservation Outdoors Inc.

Designed for families with children from pre-school to teen, is the Child's Egypt Tour. This involves family-oriented hotels, camel-rides in the desert, climbing around old fortresses, entering pyramids. They will also learn of the sophisticated city children of Cairo and the village children of upper Egypt. It is the perfect tour for adults to enjoy their holiday whilst avoiding the kids being 'tombed-out' and bored.

Tailor-made Programmes

Do you have a special dream? Travel Egypt will happily optimise an itinerary made just for you, covering the main highlights according to your interests, travel pace, time availability and budget. Most importantly, being custom-made, it allows all the flexibility you need in your holiday plans.

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