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Diving Thailand Newsletter

Sawadee khap!

At Dive The World Thailand, diving isn't just about business as usual, it's a way of life. We hope to share this way of life with you. Enjoy the read.

Dive in to get the low down on ...

September 2002 - Contents

Read on for more information on:

  •    Thailand Scuba Diving News
  •    Whale shark Dive Sites
  •    Scuba Trivia
  •    Phuket Diving Packages
  •    Scuba Dive Humour

Thailand Diving News

Well our season is upon us and this year promises to be another great year for diving in Southeast Asia.

For a taste of what diving conditions and marine life sightings are in store for you here in Phuket, read on

Whale shark Dive Sites

One of the few places in the world where whale shark sightings are virtually guaranteed is Thailand.

Read on for more on these gentle giants and where you can spot them ...

Scuba Trivia

Just like all roads led to Rome, Sheldon Hey figures most routes lead to the Similan Islands, Thailand's national marine park famed for its beauty and whale shark sightings.

To find out which way suits you best, read on...

Phuket Diving Packages

Here are some great value-for-money diving and accommodation options available to you throughout the current season, packaged to cater for different budgets and needs.

Check these out and see if any strike your fancy ...

Scuba Dive Humour

Working in a dive shop, we naturally chat quite a bit to our customers.

Some have quite a funny take on life, read on for a taste of real divers' humour ...

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