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Dive The World Newsletter

Underwater Tales - March 2005 Contents

Your dedicated dive buddies have put together more great articles for you in this issue and, as always, easy access to some of the best diving available anywhere. In this issue you will find scuba news and updates on:

  •    Sangalaki - a dive secret about to be exposed
  •    Creature feature - scalloped hammerhead sharks
  •    Diving related medicine - malaria prevention for remote locations
  •    Effects of the tsunami - objective expert opinion

New Website Section

Following numerous requests we have finally managed to get some photos and personal history of the Dive The World Dive Team.

No we didn't get professional models to stand in, we really do look that good in person.

Check us out here...

Destinations Feature - Sangalaki

Why is the word 'Sangalaki' not etched into the minds of the general diving public as one of the earth's finest locations for this sub-aquatic pursuit we so love? It should be.

Why? Well we could list the reasons why, but to give you a better indication, let Gavin Macaulay tell you about his experience of discovering diving in Sangalaki...

Scalloped Hammerheads

There are few creatures in the seas that provide divers with such excitement as the hammerhead shark. Most commonly these are scalloped hammerheads that cause the delighted finger pointing and dumbstruck gazes, not to mention being superb photograph subjects. If you find yourself staring up at the silhouettes of a big school, you know you are having one of life's unforgettable moments.

Ever seen one? See what you are missing and get the scalloped hammerhead shark facts...

Dive Medicine - Malaria Prophylaxis and Prevention

We all know that when we seek out the best diving in the world, we are likely to find ourselves in the tropics, sometimes in places where we have to give more thought to illness prevention than if we are sitting at home watching quiz shows on TV.

Malaria is one of those potential hazards for which we should all take precautionary measures, but sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin.

Here is an article by Divers Alert Network which is a great start to educating yourself about how best to tackle the issue of malaria prevention...

Environmental Impact of the Asian Tsunami

Now that the dust has settled after the Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004, what has been the environmental effect on the seas affected? There has been both doomsday talk and doubts expressed as to the legitimacy of claims by local businesses that things were not as bad as they seemed. We thought it was time for an independent voice to be heard.

Here, for Dive The World divers, is the inside scoop of a report to be published this month. Read Paul Foley's Post tsunami reef analysis on Thailand's Andaman Sea coast...

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